An advertorial is advertising information presented, edited and laid out like an article in the newspaper of which it is a part. What I like about this kind of advertisement is its non-invasiveness: since it is in fact an article like any other, reading it is a choice and not an obligation triggered by an invasive banner. Moreover, its editing requires technical skill to transform it from advertising information to information content. As required by law, precisely because it is perfectly in line with other articles, its commercial nature must be made explicit by opposing the label 'advertising information' or 'advertorial'. Advertorial articles help keep this newspaper independent and free of banner advertising.

The advertorial is a much more valuable tool than a banner advertisement for the company that intends to include it in its marketing strategy: the one who sees it is not an annoyed reader who cannot wait for the advertisement to end, but a reader who is genuinely interested in the topic. Moreover, while a banner has a limited life cycle of the advertisement, the advertorial will continue to rank better and better on search engines (e.g. Google) over time and will contribute to link building of the company's site, making it gain authority. The advertorial is written by an SEO professional who will do all the necessary paperwork for the article to rank on Google's first page for a given keyword. From the outset, we will search for a useful keyword for the company for which it is actually possible to rank and, depending on the difficulty of the keyword, we will choose the best slant to give the article.

We look forward to showcasing your company in a beautiful setting and telling all the fans around the world your story! 

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