Impossible not to stop for a beer at the Lambrate Adelchi Brewery in Milan if you can't resist a good IPA beer craft. Even better, though, is to come here often and taste all the beers on the list, one after the other. This is the BrewPub of the historic Milanese brewery that has been creating craft beers with a distinct personality since 1996.






Lambrate Adelchi Brewery

The Milan brewery

Since 1996, this brewery has been teaching curious young and old about the culture of beer unfiltered and unpasteurised, one pint after another. They like their beers because they retain an identity character and although they wink at fashions, they do not bend to them. It is not surprising, therefore, that over the years Birrificio Lambrate has established itself among the most awarded and appreciated Italian breweries.

lambrate brewery adelchi milan

Lambrate Adelchi Brewery: location

A perfect ambience for a brewery and consistent with the neighbourhood in which it is located. Signs, plaques and stickers fill every available space for a result that is harmonious and consistent. The tables and chairs are made of dark wood, as is the counter, where the tappers dominate the scene. A location that calls for casual attire to blend in among the gluttonous patrons.

lambrate brewery adelchi milan

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Lambrate Adelchi Brewery: service

There is no table service. To consume, you must go to the counter and choose the beer and/or cicchetti you want and pay for them when you receive them. The wait is short despite the fact that it is always full of people. The staff is friendly and you can request a beer sample if you are undecided between a few types.

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Lambrate Adelchi Brewery: menu and tasted courses

The beer menu is extensive and for IPA beer lovers there are always 3 or 4 different options. The food menu is appropriately short, with few frills and many tasty snacks.


  • Atomic: IPA 6.2% ABV. Ingredients: Water, malt d'barley 14%, wheat 6%, oat 2%hops, hops, yeast. The use of the different expertly dosed grains gives an extraordinary smoothness. The different hot hopping techniques, fermentation with English yeast and a double dry hopping enhance the aromatic range of Mosaic, Chinook, Citra and Simcoe hops. Broad, rough and powerful, but very drinkable.
  • Robb de Matt: Rye IPA 5.5% ABV. Ingredients: water, malt d'barley 17,5%, rye 2.5%, hops, yeast. Blond beer with intense notes of citrus, white pepper and cut grass. Rather bitter, quite powerful and very drinkable.
  • Fa bala l'oeucc: DDH American IPA 5.8% ABV. Ingredients: water, malt d'barley 17,0%, oats 2,0%, rye 2.0%, hops (4 varieties), yeast. Blond beer with tropical fruit notes, a resinous taste, quite powerful and very drinkable.
lambrate brewery adelchi milan


The arrosticini, or skewers of sheep meat typical of the Abruzzo Apennines, are tender, tasty and go perfectly with the beers on the menu.

lambrate brewery adelchi milan

Lambrate Adelchi Brewery: prices

Prices are popular: a medium beer, at the counter or table, costs €6.50 and five arrosticini cost €5.

Lambrate Adelchi Brewery: services & information

To eat on the spot, reservations can be made by calling the number below. Regarding what to eat at the Lambrate Brewery, you can consult the official website of Birrificio Lambrate Adelchi. In addition, it is possible to buy all the beers online via the official shop, which is also full of signature products such as glasses, T-shirts and other gadgets.


Open Tuesday to Sunday

Continuous hours 18:00 - 02:00

How to get there

400 m Lambrate FS metro station

Address & telephone

Via Adelchi 5, 20131 Milan

+39 02 70 63 86 78


Birrificio Lambrate Adelchi is strategically located in the Lambrate district, in the eastern part of the city of Milan, now the famous hub of Milan Design Week.

lambrate brewery adelchi milan