Sommeliers and winelovers passionate about Barolo wine DOCG should enjoy, at least once in their lives, the wines of the Marrone winery located in La Morra, one of the sacred places of the cultivation of nebbiolo. Booking a visit to the cellarIn addition to tasting the excellent wines produced by the winery, they can try their hand at Piedmontese cooking classes with chef Paolo Garbarello and the invaluable help of Mama Giovanna, or take an exciting viticulture lesson while walking through the vineyards. With this treasure behind her, Denise presented her Barolo wine Marrone in Turin during Great Langhe 2024 It was a great success among Ho.Re.Ca. operators and the press who attended this unmissable wine show.

Barolo Marrone wine: a family history

In 1887, Pietro Marrone founded the winery on the roots of an enterprise that already produced wine grapes. After him, his children and grandchildren embraced his love of wine-growing until today, with a fourth all-female generation capable of enchanting sommeliers and winelovers with that same passion inherited from their predecessors. From left, Denise with her welcoming smile, Serena, the beating heart of the winery organisation, and Valentina, the oenologist who has been able to further enhance the quality of the wines produced.

Barolo brown wine family history

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Barolo DOCG wines from the Marrone cellar

A Great Langhe 2024 Agricola Marrone presented four labels of Barolo DOCG, the professional tastings of which were signed by sommelier Chiara Bassi. In addition, the Barolo DOCG Bussia 2020 previewed for the occasion was the best among the 40 Barolo wines from 18 wineries tasted during the day, the only one to achieve the maximum score of 3 hearts ❤️❤️❤️.

Barolo DOCG 2020, Agricola Marrone

It is ruby red with garnet reflections, consistent. The nose is delicate and elegant with notes of hazelnut and cocoa. In the mouth it is fresh, savoury, structured, very tannic and long. Great potential for evolution in the bottle, but not yet ready.

Brown Barolo wine

Barolo DOCG Pichemej 2020, Agricola Marrone ❤️❤️

It is ruby red with garnet highlights at the edges, consistent. Nose of criollo chocolate, coffee, dried violets, black pepper. Great potential for evolution, but already very enjoyable now.

Barolo marrone pichemej wine

Barolo DOCG Bussia 2019, Agricola Marrone ❤️❤️+

It is garnet red with orange highlights at the edges. Delicate and very elegant nose with notes of coffee, milk chocolate, rose. In the mouth it enters coherently, elegantly, with a nice acid shoulder and great drinkability.

Barolo marrone bussia wine 2019

Barolo DOCG Bussia 2020, Agricola Marrone ❤️❤️❤️

It is transparent garnet red, consistent. Delicate and elegant nose with floral, chocolate, nut scents. In the mouth it enters coherent and even better, structured, with well-present but well-blended tannins, very balanced, very long and spectacular.

Agricola marrone barolo bussia grande Langhe 2024

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Sommelier: the illustrated manual

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Barolo Marrone wine: the winery where it was born

Wine tourism enthusiasts can take a trip to the Langhe in Piedmont and visit this winery, rich in history and beauty. The production takes place in two separate locations: in Castiglione Falletto there is the vinification and bottling, while in La Morra there is the ageing in wood and it is here that one can make a visit.

Barolo brown wine cellar

Here you can taste all the wines produced by the Marrone cellar, among which the Langhe DOC Chardonnay 'Memundis' is noteworthy, a meditation white wine thanks to its extraordinary taste-olfactory complexity.

Barolo brown Langhe chardonnay wine

Wines can be tasted both in the charming wine cellar and on the panoramic roof terrace, and on a sunny day one can be enchanted to contemplate the beauty of the vineyards surrounding the winery.

Barolo brown wine Langhe hills

Restaurant in the Langhe with a view

Sommeliers looking for an agritourism overlooking these enchanting UNESCO heritage hills where they can sample simple but richly flavoured cuisine with local recipes and accompanying wines can enjoy the restaurant with panoramic views located above the winery.

Barolo brown wine restaurant

One of the dishes on offer is breaded veal scamoncino with IGP Piedmontese hazelnuts accompanied by seasonal vegetables.

Restaurant with a view in the Langhe

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