In 2023 the first visit from Cédric Grolet Opera in Paris had been a fulfilment of the senses, a joy and an experience to be repeated as soon as possible, reviewed in this article enthusiastic. Then the bitter surprise, exactly one year later, Cedric Grolet Opera obliged to an embarrassing breakfast and brunch never to be repeated, and the feeling of having been historically ripped off in an establishment that has now become a media circus for Instagram with no care for the customer.

Pastry shop






Cedric Grolet Opera in Paris

Who is Cedric Grolet?

Cedric Grolet, born in 1985, is the most-followed French pastry chef on Instagram thanks to his fruit-shaped cakes so realistic they look real. His appearance does not betray genius (or does it?): unruly hair, basketball shoes, frayed jeans and tattooed arms frame a man who looks much younger than his age. An irresistible smile and rare talent are his partners in crime for having gained the 7.8 million followers who a couple of times a week are enchanted by his video recipes for perfect tarts, fluffy creams, colourful fruits and fragrant dough.

For the past 10 years, he has been executive pastry chef at Le Meurice, the restaurant of 3-Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse housed in the 5-star luxury hotel of the same name on Rue de Rivoli.

Cedric grolet operates a patisserie in paris

Cedric Grolet Opera: location

A rich showcase in a period building on which lingers a long line of romantic gourmands from every corner of the world. There is no better time for those who dared to turn up without a reservation, from late morning onwards. The sheer beauty of the beautifully displayed crossaints and pan au chocolate, however, convinces even the most impatient patron to stay.

Cédric Grolet Opéra Garnier

The tea room on the first floor does not particularly shine, except for the beautiful windows that open up to the magnificence of Parisian architecture. Goodbye to the expensive and challenging fresh flowers of the previous year: now a few ears of corn just by the window and 'goodbye and thank you'. The small tables appear empty, looking a little miserable.

Cedric Grolet opera

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Cédric Grolet Opera: service

Friendly, but not particularly attentive staff. No interest in fulfilling the customer's wishes. I asked for the Fleur pistache tasted the year before and was told that it is not made at that time of year. [ Pity I was there on exactly the same day, again for the Paris Wine Expoand in particular for a Masterclass by Bruno Paillard Champagne. Lies also not].

The outgoing cadeau offered the previous year? Gone.

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Cédric Grolet Operà: menu and dishes tasted

If, until 2023, one could book a table online in the tearoom and order what one preferred on the spot, everything has now changed. As of 2024, if you want to avoid the queue (which has fallen sharply from the previous year, proving that people are not idiots after all) and sit comfortably in the tearoom, you have to pay a compulsory cover charge of € 50 or € 65. Payment is in advance and for at least 2 people (so at least 100 €) or the table is not reserved. What does this cover charge include?

Breakfast menu (Pétit-Déjeuner)

It is a fixed-menu breakfast that includes to start with a welcome hot chocolate that is actually a milk and cocoa like the Nesquik you give to children and makes you dream of the chocolate-flavoured drink from the hospital or station machines in Italy, which at least is thicker.

Cedric grolet opera breakfast menu

Along with the breakfast menu, a carafe of water is served: it is tap water that is not even filtered as it tastes like pipe and is disgusting. In Italy it would even be illegal to serve it, but probably not in France. Undrinkable. The crumpled paper napkin I don't even comment on: I prefer the disposable napkin for a question of hygiene, but a quality one and well laid out.

Cedric grolet opera set menu

At the moment you are only allowed to choose a drink: you can order either a hot drink or a cold drink. The cappuccino is without praise or infamy, the hot tea has a limited, but still acceptable selection. Tea aficionados accustomed to 'serious' tea rooms - like Teiera Eclettica in Milan's Porta Venezia - will be disappointed: it is in fact just a normal tea bag. There is no trace of the elegant cast-iron teapot with bamboo handle of the previous year: it remains a modest glass service from a neighbourhood bar. The juices are good, but they are still juices served on a menu that costs €50 per person, €65 if you choose the option with a glass of Champagne AOC.

Cedric grolet opera breakfast menu leavened

Perhaps to justify the price of the breakfast menu, a small bowl is brought with a kind of waffle, a mini croissant and a mini pain au chocolate with two accompanying creams: a very good vanilla chantilly and a caramelised hazelnut cream. It is a pity that the puff pastry of the mignon version cannot resemble that of the regular size and the result is that they are three very normal pastries like you can eat in any café. It would be better to serve just one of the regular-size pastries of the guest's choice: a whole different kind of goodness.

Cedric grolet opera menu breakfast croissant

Avocado toast is worse than what anyone can make at home, at least in terms of the proportions of the ingredients. It only tastes of egg, probably the price of half an avocado and a few slices of salmon (added at extra charge) is beyond the reach of Cedric Grolet Opera. Bread as banal as the plate on which it is sadly served, not even a distant relative of the previous year's version.

Cedric grolet opera menu breakfast avocado toast

Fleur noisette

This is a work of art worthy of coming out of Cedric Grolet Opera in Paris. Absolute perfection. The crunchy hazelnut praline has a delicious crisp, caramelised effect. A touch of salt boosts the taste of the hazelnut ganache.

Cedric grolet opera flower hazelnut

Fleur vanille

You can definitely taste the vanilla bean, as evidenced by those wonderful black dots dotting the alabaster-coloured cream. The crunchy vanilla praline is delicious and the overall taste is not too sweet. Vanilla fans should definitely try it.

Cedric grolet opera flower vanilla

Cédric Grolet Operà: prices

Take-away pastry prices may not be popular, but they are not crazy either: a spectacular crossaint costs €5 (the difficulty is in being able to buy it), barely three times as much as the frozen microwaved one from the Bar Centrale in the average Milanese hinterland town and twice as much as the more or less artisanal one from its trendy pastry shop. The single-portion hazelnut-flower dessert costs €17 and is worth it all, both for the quality of the raw material and its skilful processing. The problem is the obligatory €50 breakfast menu for 2 people (€100 in total) to sit in the tea room. The proposal is of poor quality, served with little attention to the customer, and definitely not worth it.

Cedric Grolet Operà: services & information

To consume on the spot, you can book online through the Cédric Grolet Opéra official website. Alternatively, you can buy your favourite sweets to take away and take them home in elegant packaging, which I would recommend. The option Click & Collect allows you to order Cedric Grolet's wonderful flowers and pick them up at your favourite time without queuing. There are far too many benches with a wonderful view to enjoy them on in Paris and the lucky ones can even add a regular-sized and therefore delicious croissant without having to throw their money away on that indecent breakfast menu. There is no takeaway option for the dishes served at brunch, which is only available on the first floor until 2pm.


Open Wednesday to Sunday

Continuous hours 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

How to get there

150 m Metro stop Opéra

200 m Pyramides metro station

Address & telephone

35 avenue de l'Opéra, 75002 Paris

+33 1 83 95 21 02


Cédric Grolet Opéra is conveniently located between the Garnier Opera House (150 m), Place Vendome (350 m), the Palais Royal (500 m), the Tuileries Garden (600 m) and the Louvre Museum (900 m).

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