China Town Milan - a stone's throw from the M5 lilac 'Monumentale' stop - has its most characteristic expression in via Paolo Sarpian elegant street lined with small street food shops offering specialities from the Chinese cuisineof the Korean cuisine and Japanese cuisine. All sommeliers and winelovers passionate about the food and wine culture of the Far East should spend at least once there to enjoy its food and atmosphere, especially during the Chinese New Year.

China town milan street food: his majesty the duck

Peking duck

A great classic of Chinese cuisine is thePeking duck which can also be bought in a street food version in China Town Milan. After all, the correct way to eat it is precisely rolled into thin crepes with sauce and vegetables as served in the shop with a red 'Peking Duck' sign at 39 Via Paolo Sarpi. Duck cooked to perfection, crispy vegetables and very thin crepe overflowing with the delicious sauce typical of this recipe. Perfect even for those approaching this type of cooking for the first time. Cost: 5 rolls for 8 € [as pictured].

China town milan street food Peking duck

I appreciate the cleanliness of the shop and the hygiene of the lady who cooks. On a clear day, the delicious rolls can be eaten sitting at the little red round tables on the street with the disposable gloves provided by the shop.

China town milan street food Peking duck

Duck neck

In the shop in Via Paolo Sarpi 29 duck neck is cut into pieces, marinated in a mixture of soy sauce and spices where cloves dominate, cooked and served cold. Delicious to nibble on, but you need to arm yourself with a lot of patience, which is why it is not for everyone.

Cost: small 220 g portion for 6 € [as pictured].

China town milan street food duck neck

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China town Milan street food: for those who can't give up pasta

Ravioleria Sarpi/Macelleria #1: Beef ravioli (jiaozi)

High-quality beef from biodynamic Italian cattle farms in the adjacent butcher's shop blends with Chinese tradition in the other ingredients of the filling (including ginger), pasta and soy sauce for a sensational result. At Ravioleria Sarpi in via Paolo Sarpi 27 the ravioli are thick, creamy to the taste and tasty.

China town street food dumplings

The amount of filling is generous and the dough is thick, but melting. Pork or vegetarian fillings are also available. If you intend to eat on site, it is better to buy them inside the butcher's shop: you avoid a bit of a queue and can eat inside comfortably seated next to the legendary red Berkel slicer in a pleasant atmosphere. Cost: 4 ravioli for €4 [as pictured].

China town milan beef ravioli

Butcher #2: sautéed udon with beef, vegetables and omelette

Udon are thick noodles cooked on the griddle with a soft omelette, beef, soy sprouts and vegetables. Delicate and delicious, they are prepared inside the butcher's shop connected to Ravioleria Sarpi. The portion is very generous. Cost: 1 portion for 9 € [as per photo].

China town milan street food

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China Town Milano Street Food: kebabs what a passion

Butcher shop #3: sheep skewers

Perhaps one of the tastiest things you can eat in Milan's Chinatown are the mutton skewers from the historic Macelleria Sirtori in Via Paolo Sarpi 27. The marinade is rich in spices, salt and pepper and gives the mutton an irresistible flavour. They are cooked to perfection on a hot griddle. They can be eaten inside the shop. Cost: 3 skewers for 5 € [as pictured].

China town milan street food sheep skewers

The butcher's shop has a counter full of wonderful high-quality meats and cold cuts that can also be bought to take away.

China town milan butcher's counter

In Milan's Chinatown, it is impossible not to recognise the large red sign revealing an unexpectedly large venue.

China town milan street food butchery

China Town Milan Street Food: bau bau

Baozi (also called bao or bau) are small buns steamed or cooked on the griddle that are eaten in China during meals or for breakfast.

Shanghai griddle bao (Xiaolongbao)

Not to be confused with classic baozi, they have a thinner shell and a juicier filling. This is why they should be considered more of a first course, although not to be confused with baozi. jiaozi. The beef and prawn one is particularly good and tasty. Cost: 4 baozi for €7 [as pictured].

China town milan street food bao

China Town Milano Street Food: for those in the mood for something sweet

Ice cream mochi

Impossible not to adore these scoops of ice cream wrapped in a very thin chewy paste. Particularly good is the Yuzu (a citrus fruit whose flavour is a cross between a lime and an orange), refreshing and perfect to finish the meal. Many other flavours are available: matcha, mango, coconut, salted caramel... Cost: 3 ice cream mochi for € 6.50 [as pictured].

China town milan street food mochi ice cream

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