In the beautiful setting of the Hotel Principe di Savoia with splendid Christmas decorations, Daniele Cernilli created a small tasting counter with some of the almost 300 wines he reviewed in his new wine guide dedicated to the daily wine. After the presentation of the Essential Guide to the Wines of Italy 2024 by Doctor Wine where I tasted someexcellent Friulian white wine and the supertuscan of exception, here are my tasting notes of the wines I liked best from the guide wines for all budgets 2024.

Tasting #1: Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG 2022, Panizzi ❤️

It presents itself pale straw yellow and bright, consistent. Very intense and interesting nose - blind I would certainly have mistaken it for a good Sauvignon - with notes of aromatic herbs, boxwood and citrus. On the palate it is consistent, fresh, soft, savoury, balanced and very drinkable.

Daily doctor wine panizzi

Tasting #2: 'Isotta' Colli di Rimini DOC, Tenuta Santini

100% Rebola | steel | € 12

It is bright and consistent straw yellow. The nose is more delicate than I remember, but still elegant and pleasant with notes of anise, pineapple and fresh almond. In the mouth it enters coherently, warm, savoury, with a nice structure and lots of drinkability.

Daily doctor wine tenuta santini

Tasting #3: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOCG classico superiore 2021, San Sisto

100% verdicchio | steel + cement | € 12

It presents itself pale straw yellow and brilliant, consistent. Intense, complex and elegant nose with notes of peach blossom, lemon peel, dandelion blossom, freshly dried apricot. In the mouth, intense, full, warm, structured and quite long. Definitely a wine for the whole meal, provided it is paired with dishes that are not too flavoursome.

Doctor wine verdicchio

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Tasting #4: Alto Adige DOC Sauvignon 2022, Kaltern Winery ❤️

100% sauvignon blanc | steel | € 11

It presents itself pale straw yellow and brilliant, consistent. Intense nose with very marked notes of passion fruit that fade into a citrus note. In the mouth, it is consistent, warm, very savoury and with a long, saline finish. Endowed with exceptional drinkability, it can be an approachable wine to this grape variety and to white wines of this type in general.

Daily doctor wine kaltern

Tasting #5: "Blancfumat" Collio DOC 2022, Eugenio Collavini

100% sauvignon blanc | steel | € 14

It presents itself pale straw yellow, consistent. Intense nose with a definite, clean note of passion fruit. In the mouth it is very consistent, savoury, fresh, structured and with a long savoury finish.

Daily doctor wine collavini

Tasting #6: "Nau" Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, Mora & Memo ❤️

100% cannonau | steel + barrel | € 15

It presents itself brilliant ruby red, transparent, consistent. Nose with nice full fruit and a hint of black pepper. In the mouth it is soft, fresh, savoury, structured, warm and long savoury finish.

Cannonau daily doctor wine

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Tasting #7: Cannonau di Sardegna DOC 2022, Audarya ❤️++

100% cannonau | steel | € 15

It presents itself brilliant ruby red, transparent. consistent. Very fruity nose, with an intact fruit and a floral note of magnolia and violets that veers into hints of cinnamon and tobacco. In the mouth, it is consistent, fresh, elegant, with well-integrated tannins and a structure that is somewhat sacrificed in favour of great drinkability.

Daily doctor wine

Tasting #8: 'Per nero' Oltrepò Pavese DOC 2022, Travaglino ❤️

100% pinot noir | steel | € 15

It presents itself pale ruby red, brilliant and consistent. The nose is delicate and elegant with spicy, fruity notes and a barely noticeable balsamic hint. On the palate it is consistent, fresh, quite savoury, structured and with excellent drinkability.

Travaglino pinot noir

Tasting #9: Chianti DOCG Superiore 2021, Castello del Trebbio

85% sangiovese, 15% ciliegiolo and canaiolo nero | wood | € 10

It is ruby red with purplish highlights at the edges, consistent. On the nose it is delicate, all focused on full red fruit with a barely perceptible spicy note. In the mouth it is fresh, quite soft and structured. It has tannins that are just a little green, but it is nevertheless pleasant and with its fine structure it can accompany first courses with savoury sauces and grilled meat, certainly giving satisfaction.

Daily wine castello del trebbio

Great wines at a small price: every sommelier's dream

The idea behind this guide is absolutely admirable: good wine is not just the privilege of a few, but there are quality wines that can give satisfaction even at low prices. I do not like the graphics and the layout in general, but I appreciate the pocket format and its small size for easy reference. There are 294 wines reviewed, the scores in my opinion very high compared to the overall quality. For example, the wines in this article have 91 to 94 points, I do not like to give out numbers but I would place them all in the 80-85 point range, give or take a point. Perhaps an 88 for Aurdaya's Cannonau di Sardegna DOC... but I would go no further. Obviously, if we are talking about votes in hundredths and the scores go from 1 to 100 points...

However, apart from this clarification I would like to thank once again Daniele Cernilli Doctor Wine for his work and commitment to please everyone... from the supertuscan to those looking for an everyday, good, reasonably priced wine. A sommelier in principle likes to uncork one less but better bottle... but if he can uncork one more good bottle because it doesn't cost a fortune, he is even happier!