In an age where appearances often count much more than substance, Gesto Milano Restaurant is a breath of relief towards authentic flavours that warm the soul. Here are dishes that are simple to understand, within everyone's reach, but at the same time capable of satisfying a great gourmand. Few gastronomic wanks and a lot of flavour in a well-crafted gastronomic journey that entices one to repeat the experience.







Gesto Milano Restaurant

Thanks to the valuable advice of chef David Fiordigiglio (whom you can see on Real Time together with Benedetta Rossi in the programme Ricette d'Italia), the local by Fabio Lucarelli and Martina Lucattelli has been completely renewed in its culinary offering since October 2023. Two intense months of training for the kitchen staff led by chef Daniele Lodigiani for a proposal that makes this restaurant a bit out of the box and particularly interesting.

Gesto Milano Restaurant: location

An informal ambience with an industrial flavour furnished with care makes it the perfect place to have a relaxed aperitif or a comforting dinner. There is a beautiful counter with a partially open kitchen where it is possible to dine and a DJ room. Particularly appreciated is the bar counter that invites you to end the evening in its presence.

Milan restaurant gesture

The atmosphere is a mix of vintage and international. There are also beautiful rooms of different sizes and styles, perfect for those seeking privacy.

Milan restaurant private room gesture

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Gesto Milano Restaurant: service

Having dined at the counter, I could not assess the overall service, only the wine part. La sommelier Alessia Taffarel she is very good at both proposing pairings and serving the right wine at the right time. And then she is not banal and does not always propose the usual things and knows how to dare if she has the right person in front of her. With style.

Gesto Milano Restaurant: wines

The wine list is interesting though not particularly extensive, but is still appropriate for the type of venue. The choice of sweet wines is too limited, but with only two desserts on the menu it is easy to see that they are not aimed at this time of the meal. Famous wineries and small producers alternate in the various types. Some particularly interesting appellations such as those from Jura (France).

Macvin du Jura

A special mention goes to the magnificent Schiava Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT by Gino Pedrotti which I did not know and I really enjoyed it. It was the perfect wine for the ombrine, thanks to its delicate tannin that dried out the unctuousness of the mayonnaise, without 'inflicting' on the delicacy of the fish. This wine is also available by the glass.

Black slave Gino Pedrotti

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Gesto Milano Ristorante: menu and tasted dishes

The current proposal is very interesting and includes 18 'appetisers' to accompany the aperitif and a proper menu with 5 starters (2 vegetarian), 4 first courses (2 vegetarian), 4 main courses (1 vegetarian) and 2 desserts. Personally, I would also increase the desserts to 4, then the menu - short and no-frills - will be perfect for me.

Selection of starters

  • A leap into Paolo Sarpi: cockerel tacos marinated in lime and fried 5 times with 5 different batters of different starches and flours with lots of gluten, then tossed in oriental chilli sauce.
  • Cannolo alla carbonarasiphon carbonara mousse fills the cannoli, finished with a sprinkling of crispy bacon.
  • Donutis made up of grasses of Lake Iseo with fried buffalo mozzarella cream forming a ring then glazed with herb pesto.
  • CabbageBrussels sprouts fried twice with horseradish and parsley mayonnaise. Unbelievable, I would have eaten 100 of them since it was so good. And I hate Brussels sprouts, to the point that just the smell makes me change rooms.
  • I'm lovin eata provocation to ennoble the famous B sandwichig Tasty from Mc Donalds. The sauce is made with smoked, non-spicy paprika and covers the beef offal laid on brioche bread toasted in hazelnut butter. Delicious.
Restaurant gesto milano antipasto

Of all of them, 'un salto in Paolo Sarpi' is the one that convinced me the most and for me it alone deserves a visit to this restaurant.

Milan gesture restaurant

Pantelleria shrimp with anchovy mayonnaise and Sicilian crumble

An excellently presented and well-boned sashimi of ombrine with excellent fish quality. The mayonnaise lends a pleasant fatness and unctuousness.

Milan gesture restaurant


The green gazpacho, seasoned with coppery tomato hearts, lettuce emulsion and edamame, is well balanced with a slightly sweet and sour taste. To make the scarpetta a salad leaf and a soft and fragrant Catanese iris-inspired fried brioche bun.

Restaurant gesto milano photo

The 'bread basket

Perhaps the thing I enjoyed the most. A simple bread with nice alveolation and a really delicious focaccia, both strictly homemade. However, it is the Savoury Danube with whipped mountain butter the true masterpiece.

Milan gesture restaurant

Danubio has a soft texture that reveals a long leavening process. It smells of butter and the golden crust with a toasty aroma tells of a perfectly executed Maillard reaction.

Restaurant gesto milan Salty Danube


When it was served to me, I had mistaken it for a herring or a similar fish given the shape. The texture is melt-in-your-mouth and the taste is intense, almost concentrated and enhanced by the chives and furikake, a mix of dried and chopped fish and nori seaweed with toasted sesame seeds, sugar and salt.

Restaurant gesto milano aubergine

Mesca Francesca

Not only the queen of Neapolitan weddings, but also an excellent comfort food: this is what pasta fagioli e cozze is. This one in particular is prepared with mixed pasta selection Gerardo di Nola, mussels from Sardinia, cannellini beans from Andria, borlotti beans from Benevento and parsley royale sauce. Creamy and fatty to the right point, with perfectly cooked pasta and large, meaty, firm mussels of the highest quality.

Restaurant gesto milano photo menu

Cabbages on the second

The most successful dish of the evening, on the menu offered as a vegetarian main course. A really crazy way of treating vegetables, with a wonderful charcoal smell. It is cChinese confit cabbage, repassed savoy cabbage, roasted kale and fried Brussels sprouts with stewed onion hearts. I fell in love with cabbage tonight and had never liked it before.

Restaurant Gesto Milano cabbages

Quail stuffed with Bra sausage and chestnuts with smoked radicchio

Presentation perhaps a little excessive, but I liked it a lot. Scenic and perfect for this autumn dish.

Milan gesture restaurant

The quail is cooked to perfection and the glazing of the skin is really enjoyable. The Bra sausage filling is a smart choice: it is easy to handle as this sausage is usually eaten raw and lends flavour and fatness to the lean and overall delicate meat of the quail. The radicchio confirms the particularly successful handling of the vegetables.

Gesto milano restaurant stuffed quail

Beef diaphragm

Diaphragm is a muscle considered a poor cut characterised by little fat and connective tissue, which makes it suitable for short, direct-fire cooking. Tender and tasty, it was enhanced by the 7-mushroom sauce complemented with truffle.

Milan restaurant photo menu gesture

White Chocolate Consistencies

Liquorice, white chocolate and fennel may seem an unusual combination for a dessert, but it is actually an intriguing combination. The fennel is presented as chips, the liquorice as a liquid sauce added during service and the white chocolate has a mousse-like, but denser consistency. Aromatic and not too sweet, with that crunchy touch that is always a pleasure to hear.

Restaurant gesto milano dolci

Gesto Milano Restaurant: prices

Prices are sometimes popular and always in line with the quality on offer. The appetisers range from €2.5 to €13, with the savoury Danube with whipped mountain butter costing €5, for example. The beautiful dish of ombrine sashimi costs 14 € and the delicious chicken crispy 'un salto in Paolo Sarpi' costs 11 €. The pasta fagioli e cozze costs 18 €, but is the most expensive pasta on the menu. Main courses range from 14 € for the cabbage to 18 € for the beef diaframma. Desserts all cost 7 €. Bread and service 3 €, but given the goodness of the focaccia and the super nice place it is a fair price. You can check it out online here the food menu e here the wine list.

Gesto Milano Restaurant: services & information

To consume on the spot, you can book online through this link.


Open Tuesday to Sunday

Continuous hours 18:00 - 02:00

How to get there

300 m Porta Venezia red metro station

300 m tram stop 19 Viale Piave

Address & telephone

Via Sirtori 15, 20129 Milan

+39 02 201006


Gesto Milano restaurant is strategically located within walking distance of Porta Venezia (350 m) and the Indro Montanelli Gardens (450 m), in a very beautiful, well-kept and safe area of the city.