Valentine's Day Gifts for a sommelier or winelover? Making a wine-themed gift is never easy because one often falls into objects that are absolutely useless or not very functional, especially if one is not in the industry or is a novice. The web is teeming with objects that look like gift ideas for Valentine's Day beautiful even at a good price, such as certain boxes with corkscrews, drip savers and other accessories that a sommelier rarely uses 'but they make such a scene' and it is easy to choose the wrong or unoriginal gift. In this article we propose 5 useful and beautiful gifts from 15 € to 180 €... because whatever your budget, you can make a sommelier gift perfect! Alternatively, there are always the Valentine's Day chocolates heart-shaped: a DIY gift that is always a pleasure to receive!

Valentine's Day Gifts #1: the red wine-coloured heart-shaped bookmark

Red wine-coloured heart-shaped bookmark

A Valentine's Day gift idea for sommeliers and winelovers is definitely this heart-shaped corner bookmark red wine colour. It has both an artisanal and a green soul: it has been handmade using scraps of Italian leather from the cuttings of fine bags and shoes.

Those who love to read will be happy to keep their loved one company with a red heart that will always be in their sight. Perfect for use with a book kept on the bedside table with thick paper pages.

Cost: 15 € free shipping throughout Italy

Valentine's Day Gifts #2: the handbook for aspiring sommeliers and sommelier

Sommelier the illustrated manual 2022 clear bass

A good book is always a perfect Valentine's Day gift, especially with a heart-warming dedication.

This book was created to help aspiring sommeliers to pass the AIS examination (or any other association) and become a sommelierbut it is also perfect for sommeliers who already want to refresh and/or deepen their knowledge of the world of wine. A comprehensive handbook where, in addition to wine service, enology, oenography, tasting, food and wine pairing, food and wine history and everything a sommelier should know are covered.

Cost: 38 € free shipping throughout Italy.

Valentine's Day Gifts #3: Signature Professional Limited Edition Tasting Glasses

A sommelier can never have enough wine goblets, but there are two types that are indispensable even if you have little space at home: the universal goblet, perfect for tasting any wine, and the balloon goblet, suitable for large red wines and so large that it is not necessary to have a balloon goblet. decantationor rather the oxygenation of the wine.

These limited edition branded goblets are made of brilliant crystal glass without heavy metals in Italy and you can dishwasher safe. They are sold in pairs in an original hand-designed casket box, ready for gift-giving.

Cost: €68 to €75 per pair, free insured shipping throughout Italy

Valentine's Day Gifts #4: the Art Nouveau vine necklace

Art Nouveau paris wine necklace Valentine's Day gifts

Made by a craftsman in a limited edition of only 8 copies7 of which are for sale, with a early 20th century artefact found in a Parisian factory, this grape necklace is in Art Nouveau style.

A wine-themed piece of jewellery in galvanised brass with 5 micron antiqued effect that retains its beauty over time.

Hypoallergenic, does not contain nickel.

Cost: 129 € insured shipping throughout Italy included

Valentine's Day Gifts #5: the DiVino Cameo

Valentine's Day themed wine jewellery cameo gifts

A genuine cameo hand-carved by master engraver from Torre del Greco Domenico Accusato representing the indissoluble link between wine and food, adorned with a laurel wreath as an emblem of knowledge in constant evolution.

Elegant white ecological gift box made from the remains of corn with a red wine-coloured design.

Worked with the traditional burin technique.

Brooch mount or adjustable ring in radiated 925 silver to maintain its beauty over time.

Cost: 180 € insured shipping throughout Italy included

Valentine's Day gifts for sommeliers and winelovers: a final thought

Especially when you have been together for a short time, choosing a Valentine's Day gift is not simple at all. Will it be too much? Will it be too little? Will it be well interpreted? In this age where performance anxiety grips even something that should be as beautiful and simple as giving a gift to a loved one, it is important to remember that 14 February is first and foremost the festival of lovers. And when one loves, a love letter written from the heart is enough to make the other person happy. So the best gift idea for Valentine's Day remains her, a good bottle of wine accompanied by a card full of sweet words. Then of course, enjoyed together in professional goblets as beautiful as these will be even better. As Ovid said 'wine prepares hearts and makes them more ready for passion'.