Choose from Italian restaurants in Paris may be unusual for those on a short holiday, but it is actually almost necessary to feel the air of home if you are an Italian living abroad. As a cliché - which all too often also becomes a bitter truth - Italian cuisine eaten elsewhere is never of excellent quality. The Ristorantino Shardana thus becomes a gastronomic beacon in the dark capable of taking you, at least for the time of a meal, to magical Sardinia. All this, however, just a few minutes' walk from the symbol of Paris: the Eiffel Tower.







Italian restaurants in Paris: Il Ristorantino Shardana

Who is Salvatore Ticca?

Salvatore Ticca left for Paris with the idea of staying a few months to bring his experience to France and collaborate on the opening of a new restaurant in the city of love. However, he fell in love with Paris and decided to stay: in 2015, the Ristorantino Shardana.

Here Salvatore offers his idea of cuisine: Sardinian ingredients are revisited to propose recipes suited to the palates of modern sommeliers and gourmands. The menu changes often, without precise dates, and follows the seasons. Among the classics, those always on the menu, is the Buon Ricordo plate: i culurgiones ogliastrini with veal demi-glaces, cannonau and trufflea reinterpretation of Sardinia's most typical fresh stuffed pasta.

Today Salvatore has another restaurant in Sardinia bearing the same name at theHotel Biderrosa of Orosei, right next to the Oasis of Biderrosa, five beautiful coves of white sand that lose themselves in an emerald green sea in one of the most unspoilt areas of this wonderful island in the Gulf of Orosei.

Chef salvatore ticca ristoranti del buon ricordo

Ristorantino Shardana: location

A small shop window in a fine building on a side street with little traffic marks the border between France and Italy.

Restaurant shardana paris

The room is small and neat. In every corner an object, a memory, a phrase that recalls the chef's homeland: Sardinia. After all, the very name 'Shardana' is the name of the ancient Sardinians belonging to the coalition of the peoples of the sea, as mentioned in Egyptian sources from the 2nd millennium BC. These marauders were first an enemy for Pharaoh Ramses II, but being basically mercenaries they soon became part of his personal escort.

The Egyptians tell us: "The Shardana rebels, whom no one ever knew how to fight, came from the middle of the sea sailing boldly with their warships, no one has ever been able to resist them.".

Even today, no one can resist Salvatore's delicious cuisine.

Restaurant Shardana Paris

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Ristorantino Shardana: service

The service is attentive and friendly, in line with the type of venue.

Italian restaurants in Paris: the wine list at Ristorantino Shardana

La wine list is restricted, but only top-quality Sardinian wines carefully chosen by chef Salvatore Ticca are present. Small productions and special projects are emphasised, such as those of QuartomoroPiero Cella's didactic wine cellar: a factory of ideas, stories of viticulture and experimentation on the potential of Sardinian oenology. The mark-ups are in line with both the type of venue and the quality of the wines on offer. The wine list complete with prices can be consulted online HERE.

Restaurant shardana paris wine list

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Italian restaurants in Paris: the menu at Ristorantino Shardana

The menu is an expression of Chef Salvatore Ticca's potential in the art of balancing flavours. No excess, no artifice, but care and authenticity blended harmoniously together.

Carpaccio of amberjack, candied red onions with myrtle, dill pesto, burrata and mandarin emulsion, candied cherry tomatoes.

Perhaps the chef's signature dish, but everything is so good that it is difficult to choose. The ingredients are many, but it is amazing how each flavour does not predominate, rather enriches. The amberjack is very fresh, but the secret is its cut: a little thick, to enhance texture and flavour.

Italian restaurants in paris near eiffel tower shardana restaurant

Scallop carpaccio, red turnip, chestnuts and lime

Raw scallop is not so frequently eaten in Italy, yet it is extraordinary. It is presented cut in carpaccio with slices similar to those of a red turnip. The chestnut gives it a sweet tendency and matches the scallop, while the lime gives it a touch of freshness and acidity. Exquisite.

Italian restaurants in paris near eiffel tower shardana restaurant

Fried mullet with carasau bread and basil mayonnaise

Some people borrow panko, a special type of breadcrumbs made from white bread, from Japanese cuisine to give their fried food a crunchy texture, as does another Buon Ricordo chef: Massimiliano Masuelli of the Trattoria Masuelli San Marco in Milan. Then there is Salvatore Ticca who shows adorable creativity by using a symbol of Sardinian cuisine, carasau bread, to crisp up the batter of his mullet. The result? Delicious, also thanks to the creamy aromaticity of the basil mayonnaise.

Italian restaurants in paris near eiffel tower shardana restaurant

Octopus with truffle and potato velouté

Presenting octopus is always a risk: it can be rubbery if not cooked well. Sometimes it is even tough. However, when octopus is meltable despite its firm flesh, it is a rare pleasure. Truffles are a great way to enhance this great classic of Italian cuisine.

Italian restaurants in paris near eiffel tower shardana restaurant

SOS Culurgiones - Buon Ricordo Dish

Maybe it will be the perfectly rolled dough. Maybe it will be the mint that gives that boost to the filling. Maybe it will be the aromaticity of the truffle. Maybe it will be the creaminess of the sauce. Or maybe, simply, it is the contentment and state of happiness you achieve bite after bite. Nothing else needs to be said to explain this dish.

Italian restaurants in paris near eiffel tower shardana restaurant

Creamed beef with Jerusalem artichokes and mushrooms

The beef is cooked to perfection and cut without a knife. The mushroom is toasted just enough to have undergone a Maillard reaction, giving it a delicious aroma and texture. The Jerusalem artichoke cream gives it a delicately toasted note that is very pleasant.

Italian restaurants in paris near eiffel tower shardana restaurant

White chocolate mousse, gioddu and berries

Gioddu - or miciuratu, mezzoraddu, latte ischidu - is a fermented sour milk that originated in Sardinia many years ago, when during transhumance Sardinian shepherds carried milk that often fermented, taking on a creamy consistency and a sour taste. They were the first to notice that this new foodstuff kept longer and was more digestible, and so over the years they understood and codified the recipe.

It is wonderful to take such an ancient product of one's own land and bring it up to date in a balanced mousse with plenty of acidity and freshness, perfect to cleanse the mouth after a rich dinner without weighing one down.

Italian restaurants in paris near eiffel tower shardana restaurant

Italian restaurants in Paris: prices at Ristorantino Shardana

Prices are in line with both the quality on offer and the city of Paris. The carpaccio of amberjack, candied red onions with myrtle, dill pesto, burrata and mandarin emulsion and candied cherry tomatoes costs €22, the octopus with potatoes and truffle costs €22 while the culurgiones ogliastrini cost €36. Those with a sweet tooth can choose a very convenient formula for 2 people: 4 dishes to share + 2 main dishes and dessert for €65 per person (as pictured).

Restaurant Shardana Paris: services & information

To consume on the spot, you can book online via the button at the top right of the Official website of Ristorantino Shardana. Alternatively, you can try going directly to the venue: in this case, however, you run the risk of not finding a place as there are only a few seats and it is almost always full, so it is better to at least phone ahead!


Open Monday to Sunday

Mondays 12:00 - 22:30

Sunday only open for lunch 12:00 - 14:30

Tue-Sat lunch 12:00 - 14:30 and dinner 19:00 - 22:30

How to get there

600 m Metro stop M8 Félix Faure

900 m Metro stop M12 Vaugirard

Address & telephone

134 rue du Theatre, 75015 Paris

+39 06 25 19 53 07


Restaurant Shardana Paris is conveniently located just a few minutes' walk from the Eiffel Tower (900 m) and Le Jardin japonais de l'UNESCO (1.1 km).

eiffel tower paris