Pisco Sea Cuisine is a fish restaurant in Milan at Porta Sempione, also known as thePeace Arch by the Marquis and architect Luigi Cagnola (1762-1833). For the 'non-speakers', Pisco is the wine distillate considered a national drink in Peru and also produced in Chile, the consumption of which is widespread throughout South America. It owes its name to the port city of Pisco, in south-central Peru, from which no merchant ship is said to depart without an abundant cargo of this drink.







Fish restaurant Milan

Pisco seafood cuisine: the concept

In 1995 Fabio Acampora and brothers Sebastian and Alejandro Bernardez founded the Dorrego Company with the aim of designing, building and managing lounge bars and gourmet restaurants in the world's most important cities. In 2002 they opened the Living Liqueur and Delights, design bar in Piazza Sempione 2 in Milan. Ten years later, in the very place next door was born Pisco Sea CuisineMediterranean tavern. In 2019 it is time for El Porteño Prohibido in the Tricolore area, an Argentinean venue that combines excellent cuisine with the sensuality of live tango performances. Today, there are 21 'gastrodesign' restaurants signed Dorrego.

Pisco can be defined as a fish restaurant in Milan borderline, poised between luxury and simplicity.

Pisco seafood cuisine: location

It presents itself as a simple but sophisticated Milanese fish restaurant with an informal décor that is very cosy. There is a nice blackboard with nice writing and drawings and a handwritten menu that varies according to the availability of fish.

Pisco seafood restaurant

The mise en place is also simple, but neat. You can choose to eat inside or outside, in the dehor overlooking Porta Sempione, a real treat for summer evenings.

Pisco seafood cuisine outdoor dehor

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Pisco seafood cuisine: service

The service is elegant and courteous, never inappropriate. The dishes are explained precisely and concisely, a good choice. The sommelier presents the wine concisely and only adds details and anecdotes at the request of the customer, as the wine label requires. The General Manager Enrico Caddeo is punctual and exquisite.

Pisco seafood cuisine: the wine list

The wine list is a little too short for this fish restaurant in Milan. While I do not appreciate kilometre-long lists, the choice is really limited. On the other hand, the offerings are interesting and amidst the famous names there are some not obvious productions to fall in love with.

Wine incrediboll the coast Pisco seafood cuisine

Among the wines offered at the dinner, the sparkling rosé Incrediboll by La Costa and Il Vascello Puglia IGT Falanghina 2022 by Alberto Longo were particularly worthy of note.

Wine il vascello falanghina alberto longo

Although limited, the proposals are able to cover the tastes (and wallets) of all palates, sommeliers or not. There is also an interesting section dedicated to macerated white wines that lend themselves very well to this type of fish cuisine.

Milan fish restaurant white wine

The increase in the price of wines is more than fair and entices one to choose even important bottles: a courageous choice that should be rewarded.

Recioto di soave monte tondo fish restaurant milan

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Pisco seafood cuisine: menu and dishes tasted

Despite the name of the restaurant, the menu offers a exquisite Italian seafood cuisine. Lo chef Diego Macchi has interpreted seafood cuisine by following three key words: lightness, balance and freshness. The resident chef Davide Stroppolo accurately executes a short menu pointing to the freshness of fish and the care with which all raw materials are chosen. The one proposed by Pisco fish restaurant Milan is, in fact, a cuisine with easy, pleasant and very natural flavours without intrusive sauces and in which the main ingredient is always the protagonist.

Carpaccio of fresh salmon, tzatziki and coriander oil

A mouth-watering welcome entrée that hints at the style of cooking in which each ingredient retains its flavour, which is however emphasised by the chef's touch, in this case represented by the coriander oil. The overall balance is excellent thanks to the fresh and delicate tzatziki sauce that degreases the salmon.

Pisco sea cuisine salmon

Tuna tartare in gazpacho with sweet and sour cucumbers

I admit, chromatically this dish does not convince me completely because the red of the tuna gets lost in the red of the gazpacho and I would have liked a green background that made both colours stand out. However, the taste is so pleasant that all is forgiven: the tuna is perfect and the cold soup gives it a freshness that is impossible not to fall in love with!

Pisco seafood cuisine tuna

Pan-fried calamari accompanied by salsa verde and roasted artichokes with Lucanian bread crumble

This starter is definitely one of the most successful dishes of the evening both in terms of presentation and taste. The squid are cooked to perfection and this makes them melt. The roasted artichokes lend a bitter edge, accentuated by the crusco pepper with which the dish is sprinkled. The crumble of Lucanian bread, with its crunchiness, balances the perfectly executed salsa verde.

Milan fish restaurant calamari

Fresh egg noodles with langoustine cream and Siberian caviar

The fresh pasta is well made, generous in yolks. The idea is excellent: the sweet tendency of the langoustine is perfectly balanced with the savouriness of the caviar. The execution was not perfect: it was better to cream the noodles with the cream directly instead of leaving them in butter and serving the cream in clumps on top, and above all the caviar was not enough to enhance the excellent combination of flavours. Surely with a few small tweaks it can become a wonderful dish.

Milan fish restaurant caviar

Verrigni gold-drawn spaghetti with lobster

Top quality spaghetti cooked to perfection with a creamy bisque and lobster cooked to perfection. An enjoyable dish and exactly what you expect.

Milan fish restaurant spaghetti lobster

Cuttlefish cooked at low temperature with chimichurri, asparagus and confit tomatoes

How technical is this cuttlefish, delicious! Melt-in-your-mouth and with an aroma of embers, it is placed on chimichurri, an Argentinian green sauce made with parsley, chilli pepper, garlic, oil and white wine vinegar, here proposed in a very delicate version that left the cuttlefish as the absolute protagonist while enhancing its smoky note.

Pisco cuttlefish cuisine

Millefeuille with custard, blackcurrant sauce, mango and fresh strawberries

The mille-feuille is a great classic of French cuisine. Although it appears simple, finding a good mille-feuille is quite complex as the puff pastry enclosing the layers of cream must be caramelised to prevent moisture from penetrating and becoming soft. The millefeuille on offer had the perfect layers, crispy just right and enclosing a very tasty cream. Another thing I particularly liked were the strawberries cut very thinly and placed inside the dessert.

Pisco seafood millefeuille with cream

Sambuca corrected coffee and small pastries

Particularly appreciated was the attention paid to the end of the meal: no one had ever brought me a small carafe with coffee to spice up the sambuca!

Pisco seafood cuisine coffee

The macarons served as a small pastry are a treat. Very good with crumbly meringue and the right proportions of cream.

Pisco seafood cuisine small pastries

Pisco seafood cuisine: prices

The prices are in line with the city of Milan and in particular, due to its central location in one of the most beautiful and suitable areas for an after-dinner stroll, can be considered very competitive, also by virtue of the overall quality on offer. In particular, the starters both come out at €19, the first courses range from €18 to €35, the cuttlefish served as a main course costs €27, and for desserts you have to calculate about €12. The welcome entrée (salmon) and the small pastry (macaroons) are included in the cover charge of 4 €.

You can consult the online menu.

Pisco seafood cuisine: services & information



Open every evening 19:00 - 01:00

Lunch on Saturday and Sunday 12:00 - 15:00

How to get there

200 m tram stop 1 2 10 12 Arco della Pace

1.3 km red metro station M1 Conciliazione

Address & telephone

Via Agostino Bertani 16, 20154 Milan

+39 02 33605057


Pisco cucina di mare is conveniently located close to Parco Sempione (10 m), Arco della Pace (100 m),  Chinatown (800 m), Castello Sforzesco (1 km) and Monumental Cemetery (1.4 km).

arch of peace milan