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Sommelier Suite is the online magazine dedicated to sommeliers and aspiring sommeliers. Notes (from the sommelier course), tutorials (to improve your work), stories (to tell to pick up or make a good impression), tastings (to help you choose something good) and recipes (you don't just want to drink, do you?) to accompany you in a study that never ends.

Hello, I am Chiara Bassi and I founded Sommelier Suite, an independent online journal, on 1 January 2023. I had been pondering for about a year whether or not to take this step and, at first, I thought of turning my wine blog Perlage Suite into a newspaper. The master's degree in Food and Wine Journalism that I attended at Luiss Guido Carli in Rome was enlightening in this sense: a blog is a blog, a newspaper is a newspaper. And, although as a blogger I have always followed the deontology of the journalist, the register is different. So I decided to keep Perlage Suite as a showcase for my books, my activities and the products I sign, and to create a more serious project dedicated to the figure of the Sommelier. Fortunately, Valentina Mantovani, who shares the adventure of our Cammeo DiVino Editore with me, trusts my intuitions, puts up with my extemporary follies and... helps me push on the accelerator.

I asked my dear journalist friend Marco Antonucci to be my Editor-in-Chief not only because of the relationship of affection, trust and esteem that binds us, but because he has long been a key figure for me in my growth as a professional.

Finally, I asked Gisella Salvati, my fellow student in the master course in food and wine journalism, to accompany me on this journey. Gisella is great at summarising, making connections and explaining recipes. And her encyclopaedic (never heavy-handed) approach to reporting is perfect for a newspaper with an educational slant!

This newspaper will always remain free of advertising banners as I cannot even think that you can read or study well with invasive banners opening all over the place, so for consistency I choose to forgo the earnings they generate. For me, your experience comes first. If you want to support this newspaper with a small contribution, you can buy my book Sommelier: the illustrated manual on Amazon and, if you like it, recommend it to your wine-loving friends. If you have a business and would like to become our sponsor and help us grow let's talk about it together. The only advertising content present will be advertorials of high quality relevant to the topics covered on Sommelier Suite. We will never advertise companies that do not respect people, animals and the environment.

As the editorial director of Sommelier Suite, I promise you that I will do my utmost to provide you with original, beautiful and useful content. If there is a topic you would like to read about you can send me an e-mail.


Sommelier Suite is a newspaper enrolled in the Press Register of the Court of Reggio Emilia, no. 1 of 12 January 2023

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