In Romagna there is a place of perdition dedicated to sommeliers: theOsteria La Baita Faenza. Gastronomy, wine shop and taverna format that smacks of antiquity and the 'shop of yesteryear'. Founded in 1975 as a delicatessen, it became a restaurant and wine bar in 1990, when it moved to its present location. Never was the name more apt: it is a comforting place for all seasons in which to relax and feel welcome, without unnecessary pomp or pretension, where one can enjoy an appetising break or where one can choose something to take home. The standard of the cuisine is just as high as that of the wines and ingredients on offer, but without overdoing it, and this gives much satisfaction to the gourmets who choose to stop by.







Osteria La Baita Faenza

The format

A delicatessen and wine bar with a selection of excellent products where you can also have lunch or dinner: this is the Osteria La Baita. You can drop by here to pick up something to prepare a special meal at home or stop by to enjoy traditional dishes of Romagna cuisine. Cold cuts, cheeses, oil, wines, vegetables and other delicacies of Romagna, but not only: there are many opportunities with which to tickle the palate of a gluttonous sommelier!

Gastronomy la baita faenza

Osteria La Baita Faenza: location

The La Baita restaurant consists of small rooms with a few tables and lots of wine on the walls and a large 'winter garden' furnished simply and pleasantly. The mise en place is spartan, as you would expect in a real osteria: paper napkins and placemats, steel cutlery, water tumbler and wine goblet. In the room where we sat, there are rustic tables and chairs, the same as in old houses. On the walls is the real magic: lots of wine bottles neatly displayed for us to get lost in.

Osteria la baita faenza location

Osteria La Baita Faenza: service

The service is simple, punctual and polite, just as one would expect from an establishment of this type. The dishes come out quite quickly and the waiting times are correct.

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Osteria La Baita Faenza: the wine list

Fabio Olmeti, born in 1983, lovingly curates the selection of wines that can either be bought to take away or consumed on the spot. For all sommeliers it is an erotic dream to eat amidst the bottles in the wine shop and above all it is wonderful to be able to order wine even without reading the wine list, simply walking through the shelves and choosing what inspires you most. The bottle mark-up is fair to low and this allows you to also choose excellent wines. There are many wines from Romagna, but the inter-regional selection also has some wonderful gems such as the Chambave Muscat by Anselmet which I chose because I found it a perfect match for the artichoke, the worry of so many sommeliers. The choice was actually 'prompted' by my having been just the day before (during the Pellegrini Day in Borgo Condè) with Henri Anselmetan exquisite guy who, in addition to this family winery, has his own wine cellar La Plantze distributed by Pellegrini S.p.A. I then have a soft spot for wines from Valle d'Aosta... extraordinary drinks can be had at unbelievable prices!

Osteria la baita faenza chambave muscat anselmet

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Osteria La Baita Faenza: menu and tasted dishes

The menu is rightly short, few frills and lots of substance. The best part? It changes every 15 days! More seasonal than that...

Tagliolini with Moretto Artichoke

The moretto artichoke of Brisighella is a legendary vegetable for any Faentine. It is a small spring artichoke as tender as butter, but also crunchy and delicately scented, obtained by heroic farming around the town. The difficulty of its cultivation and harvesting make it very expensive. These noodles, made with excellent fresh pasta and whipped to perfection, have a moving amount of artichoke and a delicious, particularly balanced flavour.

Osteria la baita faenza tagliolini artichoke moretto

Fried sweetbreads

In gastronomy, the thymus, a lymphoepithelial organ found in all domestic mammals, is called sweetbread and is part of the offal. Recipes with sweetbreads are typical of Lazio, Calabria, Lombardy and Piedmont, but also in the cuisine of Romagna it is common to use offal. They have a milky flavour and an almost spongy texture and are wonderful fried. Osteria La Baita Faenza offered them fried with a very refreshing tatziki sauce (yoghurt and cucumber) and mustard that gave them a pleasant pungent accent.

Osteria la baita faenza sweetbreads

Peschine romagnole

The sweet peach is one of the most typical desserts of Romagna along with the mulled milk and zuppa inglese. These are two biscuits with a hole in the middle that does not go through to the other side and in which a custard is placed, then soaked, paired and dipped in caster sugar. In the classic version they are filled half with custard and the other half with chocolate custard, then soaked in Alchermes to give them the classic red colour typical of peaches. In recent years, variations are also becoming popular, such as these white peaches soaked in coffee and filled with mascarpone cream. Osteria La Baita Faenza offers both and they are perfect, I would have just soaked the white ones slightly more (perhaps in caffelatte so as not to lose the light colour). Very good.

Peschine romagnole

Grandma's cake

The torta della nonna (grandmother's pie) is another classic of Romagna cuisine in the municipalities of the historic Tuscan Romagna region of which Faenza is a part. The version most commonly eaten in the province of Ravenna is a short pastry tart filled with custard with lots of pine nuts on top and a dusting of icing sugar on top. The one from Osteria La Baita Faenza is particularly successful thanks to the thin short pastry baked to perfection and the generous layer of cream with the fragrant crust on top. So many times unfortunately we eat terrible grandma's cakes with lots of pastry and very little cream!

Osteria la baita faenza grandmother's cake

Osteria La Baita Faenza: prices

The prices are popular and if I lived in Faenza I would go there once a week! Abundant first courses with excellent quality ingredients cost 12 € and second courses with side dishes 15 €. A low table service charge is applied to the wine compared to the take-away bottle price (4 €) and this allows sommeliers to order special bottles.

Osteria La Baita Faenza: services & information

To consume on the spot, you can book online through the official website of Osteria La Baita Faenza or telephone.


Open Tuesday to Saturday

Workshop/lunch hours 8:30 - 14:15

Workshop/dinner hours 16:30 - 23:00

How to get there

500 m bus station

700 m train station

Address & telephone

Via Naviglio 25/C, 48018 Faenza (RA)

+39 0546 21584


Osteria La Baita Faenza is conveniently located close to the International Ceramics Museum (350 m), Piazza del Popolo (500 m), Palazzo Milzetti (700 m) and Bucci Park (1.4 km).

Piazza del popolo Faenza