While I usually avoid current affairs controversies, which I find an unnecessary additional noise to the much noise that already surrounds us, the case Chiara Ferragni Pandoro I just can't ignore it. The reasons are many: Chiara is a blogger-entrepreneur like me (although I am much less famous and unfortunately I have neither her bank account nor her walk-in wardrobe), Chiara is practically the same age as me and - lastly - on the various social networks I am reading comments of blind faith that remind me of certain sects and even frighten me a little, fortunately interspersed with responses of rare lucidity. No, I can't ignore the marketing masterpiece video where Chiara Ferragni appears in a jumpsuit that looks like the same one Aunt Abelarda left in the bin at Caritas in Quarto Oggiaro. Maybe it's because I'm also in the marketing business... maybe it's because the aforementioned suit sold out for 600 baiocchi... but I just can't do it. So I hope you'll bear with me if I stray a little from the theme today, but you'll see: I won't even stray too far as I will at least touch on an interesting topic for a sommelier, namely the quality of sponsored food.

Chiara Ferragni Pandoro: questions and answers of a collective delirium

Thread, Instagram, Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn... there is no social network where a myriad of posts and comments on the case have not appeared Chiara Ferragni Pandoro Balocco. There is everything in between: from those who attack (even with great rudeness) to those who defend, in a mood that resembles the ultras' curve at the San Siro. Does the other team bring an argument? They are envious. They don't even read the facts, and I wonder if the problem is that they can't understand them or if they don't care because they root for their favourite player a priori.

However, I also read comments from envious women that made me even sadder: people who take it out on Chiara Ferragni because the photos she posts are a slap in the face to them who can't afford it. I swear, I get goosebumps reading that such people exist and maybe even have children: what values can they ever teach these poor children? Ladies: no one is forcing you to follow anyone's profile and if a picture offends you, you can choose not to see it again. But I remind you that you are the perfect target audience: you are the ones who will buy that bag that you cannot afford for hear you and appear level-headed women... because let's face it: a grown woman who is satisfied with her life, if she sees another woman with a nice bag in a nice place, she simply thinks "How nice!" or "Great! Almost next year I'll go there too!" and feels no annoyance. Envious women are those who live off someone else's back and do not know how to produce wealth and are therefore the most attached to money.

But not all comments attacking the Chiara Ferragni Pandoro are born of envy...

I know, it seems very difficult to understand. Very difficult. We are in an era where social envy has reached an all-time high, thanks also to social networks, temples of narcissism and human frustration. In the society of appearance, where appearing counts more than being, there are workers or the like with a €1,200 a month salary who walk around with Louis Vuitton bags that they have paid more than they earn, seeking, through a fashionable object, a social elevation that - unfortunately for them who feel such a need - will never happen. It won't happen because in order to change status - and I don't want the naive who in 2023 believe that social classes have disappeared - it is important to be. And if you can't be somebody directly, you can still be someone's daughter or wife. Always of be is concerned (I recommend the book How to become beautiful, rich and bitchy of that genius Julius Caesar Jacob).

Yet there are women who do not wish to be Chiara Ferragni. I am certain of it: I am the living example! I admit it candidly: I really would like to have both her bank account and her walk-in wardrobe... even her size, while we're at it. But if the 'price' to pay for having these things is to be a woman who thrives on the cultural sloppiness of the masses by posting Big Brother-style photos and videos depicting branded outfits even in family moments... well it's OK.

It seems unbelievable to believe... but there are also people who have expressed their idea by feeling total indifference for Chiara Ferragni. I am certainly one of these and I think there are many like me. Also because let's face it: there are those who have other goals and priorities in life besides wearing a dress and going to a renowned location. And if making money pleases everyone, or almost everyone, I am sure that for many it matters how they make this money. I admire those who get rich by producing things that improve people's lives: be it a drug, a technology, a car, a sofa or a book. I admire anyone who does something for others, be it big or small. I admire, not envy. Also I cannot feel envy for those who live a billboard lifeI just can't do it. Imagine admiration.

Pandoro chiara ferragni

Aunt Abelarda's suit sold for 600 baiocchi

All right, I admit it. I don't follow Chiara Ferragni on Instagram so the photos I posted on the cover of this article I hadn't seen before today. I also don't follow fashion as I always dress as I please. So when I saw the apology video I thought that Chiara Ferragni had instructed someone to rummage through the bin at Caritas to find old, frumpy clothes in which to look more dishevelled and desperate. And I had thought that the grey jumpsuit sold out at 600 baiocchi was some sort of fetish merchandise for collectors. Imagine my astonishment to see it worn by Chiara Ferragni on 8 December at Bedrutt's Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, a Luxury Hotel where the St. Moritz Suite chosen by the influencer and family costs a whopping CHF 11,926 per night at this time of year. With an equally expensive handbag. I realised that I certainly don't understand anything about fashion and that perhaps the tear-jerking video is more spontaneous than I thought. In any case, no assistant was mistreated to go rummaging through a Caritas bin.

Then I ask myself: if a normal person walks around in Aunt Abelarda's jumpsuit and shows up at a luxury club, do they let her in?

I ask because before I saw that post today I joked a lot with my friend about the fact that we don't have such an abomination in our wardrobe either...

Pandoro chiara ferragni grey jumpsuit

And nothing, this time I apologise - sincerely - for thinking that this video was a genius marketing stunt with make-up, wigs and clothing designed to appear poorer and closer to the sick and needy children for charity that she had exploited to sell more Pandoro Chiara Ferragni. This video is probably spontaneous and she is the queen of marketing. What for others would be a campaign designed by great professionals comes naturally to her. I'm not surprised: there is one Chiara Ferragni and you don't get where she has got just because of daddy's and mummy's baiocchi. Although those for being a fashion blogger at first were certainly essential, you understand.

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Chiara Ferragni Pandoro: perceived quality and testimonial

Now, however, we move on to a topic more in keeping with the editorial line of this newspaper: the value of the product versus the advice of the testimonial/influencer. I am reminded of an advertisement I often see on television these days: theGambero Rosso-approved' label of Deluxe line of the Lidl discount store. The Gambero Rosso, the same one that these days published this article on the Brits who exposed Lidl's bread', in his online newspaper he 'sticks' his own sponsors for that famous 'freshly baked bread' which is actually a pre-cooked, frozen and reheated piece.

Then in my opinion we are a bit borderline to put a rugby player dressed as a chef... but so be it.

It has to be said that everything is said and done for baiocchi, even that a discount store like Lidl sells quality products. So I ask myself: what is the value of the testimonial/influencer promoting it? Especially those influencers who, for example, promote wines I wouldn't wash duck with by saying they are pure and only promote good things... why do they need to justify themselves? The Gambero Rosso - 'an institution' that I deeply respect also because its president Paolo Cuccia was my professor of Gastronomy Management at university - has zero trouble creating a nice sticker to convince Lidl customers that they are not buying junk food and attract new market segments. Even Chiara Ferragni has never said that Pandoro Balocco is good, but she played it up about pink icing sugar with her big eye and helping sick children... why do you feel the need to justify your sponsorships?

You are a billboard by choice and there is nothing wrong with being one, really. In fact, be proud of it: if so many rent your space, it means that you are either highly visible, or you are good at making people think you are. Either way, you are good.

Pandoro chiara ferragni

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And you want to buy Aunt Abelarda's suit for 600 baiocchi?

My reflection is rather addressed to you who buy the products sponsored by your favourite testimonial: a pandoro, a wine, a pasta or whatever. Why do you not understand that it is just an advertisement? Why don't you understand that the company Scrooge McDuck has rented Donald Duck's space to promote the latest model of the 313? Driving it won't make you as cool or as rich as Scrooge McDuck, sorry. And if you go to St. Moritz in Aunt Abelarda's suit, the only place they'll probably let you in is the hospital's psychiatric ward. Even if you paid 600 baiocchi for it.

So, when choosing a product, do not buy it because it is suggested by a testimonial and do not confuse a paid testimonial with an unpaid reviewer. Nothing forbids you to follow and admire your favourite 'billboards', but when you have to make a purchase, always and only look for authentic reviews. And above all, remember that content that sponsors a product for a fee must always contain #ad, #advertising or similar wording or it is illegal and there is no justification for endorsing the product.

Chiara Ferragni Pandoro: what will remain?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. Chiara Ferragni is now a myth, she can do anything. For me, the morbid curiosity of people around her and so-called VIPs in general is a bigger mystery than life after death. There are some certainties though, in no particular order:

  1. no assistant was forced to go to Caritas to rummage for sloppy stuff to wear in the apology video;
  2. Chiara Ferragni is beautiful and can wear anything. Even Aunt Abelarda's jumpsuit. Tu and I do not, sorry;
  3. Lidl's Deluxe line is a big NO, just like Pandoro Balocco.
Pandoro balocco pink Christmas