Pinot noir is the vine that helped write the legend of Burgundy... or is it Burgundy that has elevated this vine to legend? What is certain is that its distinguishing characteristics combined with an exceptional terroir to enhance it have meant that winegrowers from every corner of the world have attempted to cultivate it and create equally legendary wines in their latitudes... and some have even succeeded. A Borgo Condéon the beautiful hills of Romagna, amidst chalk slabs and vineyards that draw postcard landscapes, Pellegrini S.p.A. organised its annual tasting event reserved for Ho.Re.Ca. operators, agents and journalists. Among the various activities was an interesting Masterclass dedicated to the pinot noir wine.

Pinot Noir wine: a few notes on the grape variety

Without going into the details of the pinot noir vine variety that can be deepened HERE, it is interesting to make a small premise about the potential and expected results of its elaboration and how these can be reinterpreted in different terroirs.

Sommeliers and wine lovers are accustomed to drinking Pinot Noir as a classic method white or rosé sparkling wine capable of long ageing on the lees, as a ready-to-drink rosé wine or as a red wine of exceptional longevity. In these different types it succeeds in wearing a variety of expressions and many of these it owes to the terroir in which it has its roots. The strength of the masterclass proposed by the Pellegrini distributor is precisely the fact that it has brought five different countries of cultivation: Argentina, New Zealand, the United States, Italy and, of course, its motherland, France.

Pinot Noir grape variety wine

Undoubtedly, both the great difficulty of managing the vine according to annual climatic trends and its sensitivity to the terroir in which it is cultivated have contributed to the legend of pinot noir. More than ever, pinot noir wine is not a 'spontaneous' wine as it requires great care on the part of the winegrower in order to be able to express itself in quality production. It follows that the growers themselves devote special attention to it, and it is well known: the more effort something costs, the more precious and irreplaceable it appears. Not only that: his sensitivity ensures that a Pinot Noir wine is truly the fruit of its creator, of his experience and mastery in both the vineyard and the cellar.

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Pinot Noir wine: Pellegrini's Masterclass at Borgo Condè

Pinot Noir Reserve 2021, Domaine Bousquet +

It is ruby red with garnet hues, transparent and consistent. The nose is delicate and elegant with notes of wild berries, flowers and pink pepper. In the mouth it is coherent, fresh, savoury, structured, very tannic and with a long finish. It needs a few more years in the bottle to express itself at its best.

Pinot noir domaine bousquet wine

"Waimaunga' Pinot Noir 2020, Clos Henri ❤️++

It is transparent ruby red with violet hues, consistent. The nose is very intense and fascinating with notes of coffee, violet and smoky. Wood has certainly been used extensively, but it is well blended. In the mouth it enters coherently, very balanced, soft, structured and with a long finish of blood orange juice. Already very enjoyable now, it has a bright future ahead.

Pinot noir clos henri wine

Rully Premier Cru Préaux 2021, Domaine Jaeger-Defaix

It is a very pale garnet red colour, transparent and consistent. The nose is delicate with notes of strawberry yoghurt. In the mouth it enters consistent, but much more intriguing. Soft, fresh, savoury, fairly structured and long.

Pinot noir Burgundy wine defaix

Les Cent Vignes' Beaune Premier Cru 2021, D. Arnoux

It is ruby red with violet hues, transparent and consistent. The nose is delicate and elegant, but not overly satisfying as the aromas are clean but barely perceptible. In the mouth it is much more intriguing, soft, savoury, fairly structured and already easy and pleasant to drink.

Pinot Noir Burgundy wine

Keeler Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir 2018, Authentique Wine Cellars ❤️❤️

It is transparent ruby red, consistent. On the nose notes of candied orange peel, wild strawberries, bergamot tea and undergrowth. On the palate it is consistent, soft, fresh, savoury, structured and with lovely elegant tannins. Long and with excellent drinkability.

Oregon pinot noir wine

Aegis Pinot Noir Reserve Mazon 2017, Kollerhof ❤️

It is transparent ruby red, consistent. The nose is elegant and fine with notes of wild strawberry, chantilly cream, violets, juniper and sweet spices. In the mouth it is consistent, fresh, savoury, tannic and structured. Long and with great potential for evolution in the bottle.

Pinot Noir Alto Adige wine

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Pinot Noir wine: a personal note on the proposals of Pellegrini S.p.A.

In reality, the proposals of this distributor are much broader, but among those tasted in this Masterclass, the wines that I would recommend to interested restaurateurs are certainly the pinot noir wines from Oregon and New Zealand. While the two wines from Burgundy did not particularly excite me (in the catalogue of Pellegrini S.p.A. you can find something much more intriguing which I will tell you about in a future article), I found the other four proposals very fine. These two, however, have an extra edge in that they are the product of a particularly favourable historical moment: on the one hand there is the great interest of the international press in Oregon wines, and on the other the established prestige of New Zealand wines. The restaurateur has the need to sell the wine that enters the cellar within a reasonable time, as it is a considerable business risk capital for the restaurant. This need is combined with another: to offer sought-after and fascinating products capable of building customer loyalty. And what could be better than a good wine with exotic overtones and a different story to tell? Blessed be Burgundy, of course. For once, though, let's not give it the starring role.