La pizza in Tramonti has an incredibly fascinating history for a sommelier. In this small town of just 4,000 inhabitants in the Amalfi Coast, ancient grains were cultivated under the arbours of the vines from which a simple red wine from dyer grapes was made. Each family had its own oven, and with the dried vine shoots from the pruning of the plants, a fire was made that not only heated the room, but above all baked the biscuit bread. Since there was no other way to control the temperature of the oven, a pizza made from the bread dough and topped only with tomato and anchovies was baked, which had to cook in about a quarter of an hour. If it cooked faster the oven was too hot, if it cooked slower the oven was too cold. However, I will tell you more about this story, these typical products and all the magical characters that flock to this delightful municipality spread across the Lattari Mountains in a future article. This is just a small introduction to explain why PizzAcademy - with all its pizza flavours delicious - could only be born in Tramonti, the Homeland of Pizza Makers.

Isidoro Paranza Tramonti

In photo Isidoro Caso, his biscuit bread and pizza in Tramonti

Pizza flavours: from traditional to bold for classic or gourmet pizzas

PizzAcademy is a pizza workshop organised by theTramonti Pizzaioli Association and its president, Deputy Mayor Vincenzo Savino. Every day, pizza makers in all parts of Italy protect the traditional pizza of Tramonti, which has also obtained the De.Co. recognition created by Luigi Veronelli.

At PizzAcademy 19 pizza makers competed in as many pizzas, although the first pizza maker to start the competition (and host), had us finish with one of his truffle pizzas that was much tastier than the one presented. This is my personal ranking of the 20 pizzas tasted, but I would like to say that each pizza was of excellent quality in terms of both dough and ingredients.

Vincenzo Savino Tramonti

In photo Vincenzo Savino, Tramonti

Pizza tastes #1 classified: Fortunato Amatruda, Pizzeria Anima Romita - Crema, Lombardy

Pizza | Pizza Tramonti Contemporanea, friarielli and sfusato amalfitano. Condiment: fior by Lat Caseificio Al Valico, fsautéed riarielli with garlic, oil and chilli pepper, sfusato di Amalfi lemon marmalade Farmhouse Il Tintore, maionese by colature of alics of Cetara PDO.

Flavours pizza lucky amatruda

Fortunato presents a vegetarian gourmet pizza that is high and has a perfect alveolatura. The whole-wheat dough gives it a strong flavour. All the ingredients are excellent and blend perfectly together, but it is the Cetara anchovy colatura mayonnaise that gives an extraordinary boost. Brilliant.

Lucky amatruda pizza

Gusti pizza #2 classified: Raffaele Bonetta, Pizzeria opening soon - Pozzuoli (NA), Campania

La Pizza | Double Pizza cooking. Idough with sourdough. Seasoning: acciuga, fior by latte, butter mantecato and zest of lemon.

Flavours pizza Raffaele bonetta

Raffaele presents the dough with the most successful baking of the day. The alveolation is extraordinary and testifies to its great hydration. Simple seasoning, but very tasty. In any case, you can lay anything on top of such a successful dough and win.

Pizza Vincenzo bonetta

Tastes pizza #3 classified: Francesco Giordano, Pizzeria Serenella - Brescia, Lombardy

Pizza | Flavours of Tramonti. Idough of the tradition with fennel. Condiment: smoked provola cheese, escarole with olives and capers Earth by half, sun-dried tomatoes Land of half and grandmother's stockfish.

Gusti pizza Francesco giordano

Cooked to perfection with a well-veined crust. The idea of the escarole cream on the base was excellent. The raw stockfish, at room temperature, created a nice contrast in temperature with the pizza as well as adding a savouriness balanced by the dried cherry tomato. Concentrated and harmonious flavours.

Francesco giordano pizza

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Pizza tastes #4 classified: Carmine Nasti, Pizzeria Da Nasti - Bergamo, Lombardy

The pizza | 'Wholemeal pizza - the evolution'.: impasto wholemeal with wild fennel. Condiment: fior of milk from Tramonti, sun-dried tomatoes Middle-earth, anchovies Owner, marmalade candied lemons by Tramonti Amalfi Coast Farmhouse The Dyer, extra oil virgin olive oil of Tramonti.

Gusti pizza carmine nasti

Extraordinary crunchiness, to make Maestro Bonci of Rome envious. Dough cooked twice, once steamed and a second time in the oven. The result is a light and digestible pizza that you never get tired of eating. The anchovies with candied lemon marmalade are a culinary orgasm.

Pizza carmine nasti

Taste pizza #5 classified: Sasà Martucci, Pizzeria I Masanielli - Caserta, Campania

The pizza | Margherita Casertana. Neapolitan-style dough. Condiment: sauce of phomodorus riccio, stracing, oextra virgin olive oil Sasà Company Olivicola Petrazzuoli.

Gusti pizza sasà martucci

Sasà presented what is understood to be a perfect Neapolitan-style pizza. Textbook dough and baking, an unforgettable tomato and the raw stracciatella is what moves it from the classic margherita while giving it that extra touch. Contrasting temperatures and meltability in the bite.

Pizza Sasà Martucci

Taste pizza #6 classified: Antonio Erra, Pizzeria Da Regina - Tramonti (SA), Campania

Pizza | Pizza clax integral. Whole wheat dough from Tramonti. Condiment: vellutate by broccoli, fior by latte, sausage, shredded by vaccine.

Gusti pizza Antonio erra

Typical dough from Tramonti very tasty and well cooked. The idea of using turnip greens as a cream on the base instead of tomatoes was excellent. The stracciatella gives acidity and sweetness while the sausage aromaticity and flavour. Delicious.

Gusti pizza Antonio erra

Taste pizza #7 classified: Giuseppe Giordano, Pizzeria Già Pizz'ino - Alessandria, Piedmont

Pizza | 'Pizz'ino Via Ferrara'. Dough with wheat germ, San Bernardo water, yeast, salt, EVO oil. Seasoning: basilico, Grana Padano, yellow lace tomato The Flavours of Corbara, Fior di Latte, anchovies, pecorino cheese of the Lattari Mountains Aurora Cheese Factory, oil extra virgin olive oil, Tramonti wild oregano, black pepper. Pizza baked in Pizz'ino (patented baking method).

Gusti pizza Giuseppe giordano

The baking method is interesting, giving a result similar to pan pizza, but different because the bottom is not fried and greasy, but traditional. The pizza is small and grows evenly in height. Well executed leavening and perfect baking. Very tasty topping.

Ferrara Street Pizzino

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Pizza tastes #8 classified: Giovanni Mandara, Pizzeria Piccola Grotta - Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna

Pizza | Le Ferriere. Wholemeal dough made from ancient grains, hemp flour and carob flour with Mediterranean seawater and infusion of wild fennel without addition by halls. Condiment: mozzarella, onion shoots, Pucara citron, caramelised grapes, anchovies and pepper white refined with sfusato di Amalfi.

Gusti pizza Giovanni mandara

Excellent dough cooked to perfection. Delicious caramelised grapes that contrast harmoniously with the anchovies. It would have been perfect if the citron had been present as a slivered peel instead of a whole slice because the white still imparts a bitter component.

Pizza Giovanni mandara

Taste pizza #9 classified: Vincenzo Nese, Pizzeria Scugnizzo Gourmet - Stradella (PV), Lombardy

The Prince's pizza | Provola and pepper. Seasoning: psmoked rovola di Tramonti, melannurca Campana IGP, lardo di Tramonti, yellow tomatoes, freshly ground pepper, basil, oil extra virgin olive oil.

Pizza tastes Vincenzo nese

Pizza is well hydrated and almost perfectly cooked. The seasoning is simple, but well dosed and really tasty. The melannurca gives the lard an extraordinary freshness.

Pizza Vincenzo nese

Pizza tastes #10 classified: Errico Porzio, Pizzeria Vomero - Naples, Campania

Pizza | Partenope. Classic Neapolitan dough. Condiment: past by date yellow of the Vesuvius piennolo e fior by latte d'Agerola, added at the exit the cream of red tomatoes from the piennolo PDO and cream of basil.

Gusti pizza errico porzio

Errico opts for simplicity with a tomato that is the real star of this pizza offered in two cooking methods. The result is exquisite and the pizza is cooked to perfection. Melt-in-the-mouth and harmonious to the bite.

Pizza errico porzio

PizzAcademy Tramonti 2024

In the first draft of this ranking, Fortunato Amatruda and Raffaele Bonetta were tied for first place and Francesco Giordano and Carmine Nasti were also tied for second place, so third place belonged to Sasà Martucci and the others followed. On second thought, I decided to give a specific place to each one to make this ranking of the 10 best pizzas of PizzAcademy Tramonti 2024.

Thanks to my colleague Luciano Pignataro for leading the day.

Thank you very much for your invitation and for taking my opinion into consideration. I hope to visit some of you in your pizzerias and be even more amazed to see you working at home, with your ovens and your full staff.

Luciano pignataro