Sommeliers who want to spend a few days in the beautiful Prosecco hills UNESCO heritage site can stay in the mansion Alice Relais in the Vineyardsa splendid Valdobbiadene wine resort with unique details. A dreamlike place populated with flowers, objects, ideas and memories, from here you can taste the wines of Le Vigne di Alice e Bellenda 1986.


Veneto, Italy




Not admitted

Alice Relais in the Vineyards

The format

Everything is inspired by the famous novel Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and the furniture itself is a splendid example of nonsenseEven very different fantastic objects, seemingly random, put together with the same mathematical logic as in the novel form beautiful, elegant and harmonious environments in which to relax deeply. Everything is taken care of with millimetric precision and even the most insignificant detail here has a place. precise absurdity that makes it important.

Alice Relais nelle Vigne is the perfect place to set out to explore the Prosecco hills to admire its natural beauty and to enjoy its famous fruit: Prosecco. Right here in fact you can discover all the wines of the Le Vigne di Alice winery and Afterwards, in less than two minutes on foot and via a private connecting road, you can reach the Bellenda winery and do another tasting. 

Alice in Wonderland

What if it was the White Rabbit who chased Alice into the real world and became as big as her after drinking a glass of Prosecco?

Alice Relais in the vineyards: location

The old country cottage owned by the Cosmo family of the wine cellar of the prosecco millesimato Bellenda has been painstakingly renovated to become a place where you can lose track of time... so much for the White Rabbit! And how beautiful are the sugar-paper-coloured window shutters?

Alice relais in the vineyards structure

The garden overlooks the Prosecco hills and its vineyards, which are also cared for as if they were part of the garden, and in some ways they are as they contribute to creating a wonderful landscape to enjoy. Here you can also enjoy breakfast or wine alone as you become part of a picture that is sufficient in itself.

Alice relais in the prosecco vineyards

Lots of flowers follow the seasons and offer themselves to guests in all their beauty.

Alice relais in the garden vineyards

Alice Relais in the vineyards: welcome & cleanliness

The welcome is animated by a discreet elegance that makes one feel at home while maintaining roles and distances. All the rooms are very clean and without a speck of dust, which is remarkable given the amount of furnishings present.

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Alice Relais in the vineyards: the rooms

Each room tells the story of Alice in Wonderland and is named after a character from the tale. The one in the photos is dedicated to the Queen of Hearts. Whatever the reason for the trip, every guest here can only be delighted by the beauty and comfort of these rooms.

Sheets, curtains, towels, slippers... everything is made of the finest Made in Italy cotton. The mattress is very comfortable and invites you to have wonderful dreams.

Alice relais in the vineyards room

The small desk with a comfortable chair allows you to work quietly or read a book and the bar area is well equipped. The size of the room is very generous and the bathroom is large, with two sinks and a beautiful whirlpool bath.

Alice relais in the vineyards rooms

Every piece of furniture is of great aesthetic value and blends in perfectly with the rooms. The spatula effect in relief on the walls, the wooden parquet flooring and the exposed beams are of great value.

Alice relais in the vineyards details

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Alice Relais in the vineyards: pampering & services

A nice setting, a nice structure and a nice room are important, but alone they are not enough to define the goodness of this B&B in the Prosecco hills.


One of the most important things is breakfast, which, if it is included, must be of absolute quality. It can be eaten in the beautiful indoor dining room on colder days or in the garden if the weather permits. The homemade cakes are delicious! Those who prefer savoury food can choose organic cold cuts from small producers, cheeses from local organic dairies and eggs from the farmer. The juice is real and freshly prepared, just like coffee, cappuccino and anything else you can drink. For tea lovers, in addition to the classic tea bags, there is a nice selection of jarred tea leaves in the cupboard.

Alice relais in the vineyards breakfast

Courtesy snacks

In the room, in addition to the classic kettle with tea bags, instant coffee and cappuccino, there is a minibar and a snack corner with dried fruit portioned in elegant packets and really tasty jellies. The mugs are beautiful and invite you to have a hot drink.

Alice relais in the vineyards snack bar

Courtesy bathroom set

The courtesy set in the bathroom is complete with everything. Very interesting is the choice of shampoo, conditioner and soap from the C.O. Bigelow brand, an American pharmacy from the late 19th century that still produces luxury cosmetic products today. The chosen fragrance evokes a sense of peace, with its head of fresh citrus (orange) and aromatic peppermint, Dutch lavender and marjoram, over a floral body of rose and a musky, powdery base with touches of tobacco.

Alice relais in the vineyards courtesy set

Shower or jacuzzi

In the large bathroom there is a large corner Jacuzzi tub that makes a very pleasant whirlpool bath. The bath salts are elegantly stored in a white organza bag. Enjoying a ginger tea in the tub was a special pampering.

Le vigne di alice prosecco relais whirlpool bath

Alice Relais in the vineyards: prices

The price of the room for 2 people is around €150 per night and is perfectly in line with the beauty and services on offer.

Alice Relais in the vineyards: services & information

You can book your stay in the Prosecco hills directly on the website of the B&B, or in popular tourist aggregators such as Booking.

Need to know

Only 8 rooms

Gluten free breakfast

How to get there

8 km Conegliano train station

20 km Vittorio Veneto Sud exit

Address & telephone

Via Giardino 94, Loc. Carpesica
31029 Vittorio Veneto, Treviso

+39 0438 561173

Around the Prosecco Hills

Alice Relais nelle vigne is strategically located just a few kilometres from Vittorio Veneto (5 km), Conegliano (8 km), the lakes and refuges of the Alpago mountains (19 km) and Venice (70 km).