In Porta di Roma, a northern district of the capital, there is a fish restaurant Rome which has become a real landmark for those living in the area and beyond. Opened only a few years ago, this restaurant has already won the hearts of gourmets with its innovative proposal: a fixed menu offering a selection of dishes with no quantity limits. The menu of the Restaurant Pescanza always includes five tapas and a mussel soup followed by a choice of either four first courses or a fish fry. A gastronomic experience where the freshness of the fish is combined with the creativity of the dishes, promising an evening that satisfies both palate and pocket!







Fish restaurant Rome

Restaurant Pescanza

In 2022, Pescanza Ristopescheria opened its doors to the public, representing a significant addition to the culinary scene in the Porta di Roma district. Run by a team of professionals with over 20 years' experience in the sector, this seafood restaurant is distinguished by the formula of the menu on offer, attentive service and dishes created with attention to detail and lots of creativity in the combination of ingredients.

Ristorante pescanza porta di roma

Restaurant Pescanza: location

The restaurant has a single, not very large indoor room and an outdoor area covered with parasols and adorned with lights.

Rome fish restaurant porta di roma

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Restaurant Pescanza: service

The service is efficient and the explanation of the set menu formula is comprehensive. The waitstaff explains the two options with such precision that there is great enthusiasm to try each dish on offer.

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Seafood restaurant Rome: menu and dishes tasted

This restaurant intrigued me because of the particularity of the two menus on offer, which, depending on the availability of fish and the creativity of the chef, can vary. The choice is between:

  • Pescanza Menu 1: 5 tapas + 1 portion of mussels + 4 first courses in unlimited quantity
  • Pescanza Menu 2: 5 tapas + 1 portion of mussels + unlimited fried fish
You can also order a la carte, which includes various dishes: crudités, starters, main courses, side dishes and desserts.
There is also a children's menu with arancini with langoustine cream and a first course to choose between pasta with tomato sauce, pasta in bianco and risotto with langoustine cream.

Crispy breaded prawn with caramelised onions

The first tasting, the crispy breaded prawn with caramelised onions, was an explosion of flavours. As soon as I tasted it, I realised I wanted to order more immediately. However, the table was already filled with other dishes to taste so I had to resist the temptation to repeat the order.

Rome fish restaurant porta di roma

Octopus and potatoes

Tasting the 'octopus and potatoes' dish was a remarkable experience. The octopus was soft and the perfectly cooked potatoes added a pleasant texture to the dish, offering a perfect balance with the delicacy of the octopus. However, I did notice a slight lack of salt (perhaps in flakes like maldon salt) that could have further enhanced the flavours. Overall, a delicious dish that caught my attention even if with a small detail to improve.

Rome fish restaurant porta di roma

Catalan marinated salmon

A surprising taste experience, despite a not particularly inviting appearance. The first bite revealed a perfect balance between the softness and freshness of the salmon enhanced by the liveliness of the marinade. An explosion of Mediterranean flavours that made every bite a pleasure.

Rome fish restaurant porta di roma

Bruschette with Romanesco broccoli anchovies and pecorino cheese and bruschette with cuttlefish in tripe

The peculiarity of these bruschettas is the combination of ingredients that intrigued me even before tasting. The first bruschetta made with crunchy bread, marinated anchovies, Romanesco broccoli cream and plenty of pecorino cheese. The second with cuttlefish, tomato, pecorino cheese and mint.

Rome fish restaurant porta di roma

Mussel soup

The inviting scent of the mussel soup anticipated the flavour and the right savouriness of the rich and tasty broth. Crispy bread croutons were added to accompany the mussels. Cooked a moment too long, but still excellent.

Rome fish restaurant porta di roma

Spaghetti with clams

First courses are served in frying pans and these spaghetti with clams arrived steaming hot and enveloped in an inviting scent of the sea, perfectly al dente and wrapped in a delicious sauce.

[Editors' note: it is a pity about the presence of the shells which are a technical error in spaghetti alle vongole, a die-hard 80s custom to give volume and scenography to dishes. And what do you think? Do you prefer spaghetti alle vongole with or without shells? Write it in a comment].

Spaghetti with clams

Scampi Cream Risotto

The creamy, velvety texture of the risotto melded perfectly with the intense, juicy flavours of the langoustines, providing a perfect balance of sweetness and savouriness.

Rome fish restaurant porta di roma

Pici with artichoke cream and sea bass

This was the dish that won me over the most, both for the perfect cooking of the pici and for the creaminess of the artichokes that went perfectly with the sea bass. This dish alone is worth trying this restaurant!

Rome fish restaurant porta di roma

And the fourth first?

It was noodles with pink prawn and 'nduja crumble that looked really good, but I didn't taste it because I wasn't full, more! I just watched it go by as the waiter served it to a table of guys more fearless than us! We just have to come back to enjoy this dish... and some sweets too!

Fish restaurant Rome: Restaurant Pescanza wine list

La wine list offers a choice of several white wines including two organic wines divided by region, one red wine, two rosés and a selection of sparkling wines. 

The wine chosen to accompany this experience is a white wine IGP from Calabria 'MARE' BIO 2022 by Cantine Benvenuto. Made from malvasia and zibibbo grapes, this wine has a straw-yellow colour with light greenish highlights. The aromas are intense with notes of exotic fruit and fresh flowers.

The wine list is very limited, but still with some interesting proposals. It is a pity that it is written without any criterion: cluttered, appellations are missing and there are many mistakes. Let's say that a sommelier entering this restaurant is likely to make his eyes bleed, but I have faith that after my note they will have the will to fix it and perhaps include some more proposals especially of red and rosé wines. An adequate red wine, in fact, is the best possible match for fried fish as its alcohol content and tannin dries up the greasiness.

Chiara Bassi

Sommelier & Gastronomic Criticism

Fish restaurant Rome: prices

Both tasting menus cost € 29.90 from Tuesday to Thursday and € 34.90 from Friday to Sunday. The children's menu costs € 12. You can consult the Full menu at Restaurant Pescanza in Porta di Roma.

Restaurant Pescanzaservices & information

To consume on the spot, reservations are recommended - even during the week - either by phone, Whatsapp message or The Fork app (but there are no promotions). Alternatively si can also order over the phone and pick up directly at the restaurant.


Open Tuesday to Sunday

Tue/Wed/Thurs 18:00 - 23:00

Fri/Sat/Sun 12:00 - 15:30 and 18:00 - 23:30

How to get there

exit 9 of the Grande Raccordo Anulare towards Bufalotta

200 m bus stop 38 or bus 80

Address & telephone

Via Adolfo Celi 59, 00139 Rome (RM)

+39 06 5942023


Restaurant Pescanza is located near the Porta di Roma shopping centre, which houses over 230 shops and a 14-screen cinema. Nearby is also the Teatro degli Audaci and the Parco delle Sabine.