La Veronelli Guide 2024 is a huge work: 1944 producers reviewed and 15,786 wines selected by the editors Gigi Brozzoni, Marco Magnoli, Alessandra Piubello and Andrea Alpi who translated their oenological experience into scores and evaluations. On 20 November 2023, a national preview took place at the Paganini Congressi - former Eridania sugar refinery - of Parma, a Unesco city. Prizes were awarded in the Veronelli Guide 2024:

  • 5 Best Tastes: wines that achieved the highest rating in hundredths in their respective typology;
  • 10 SunThese are special prizes unanimously awarded by the editorial board to those wines and realities of excellence that are also symbols of originality, skill, care and history and that stand as witnesses and bearers of particularly forward-looking values and ideas,
  • Three Gold Stars508 wines were awarded the Guide's highest accolade;
  • Great Debuts30 excellent wines that joined the Guide for the first time or after a long absence;
  • Places of Good Drinking208 establishments distinguished for their wine and gastronomic offerings.

Veronelli Guide 2024: the 5 best tastings

The Best Tastings are the five wines that, in their respective types, achieved the highest rating in hundredths. They therefore represent the best wines tasted by the Curators for this edition of the Gold Guide I Vini di Veronelli, true masterpieces of Italian winemaking.

Best Veronelli tastings | sparkling wine: Ferrari F.lli Lunelli - 'Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore' Trento DOC Extra Brut 2012 | M.M. 97 points

My tasting. It is straw yellow with gold highlights, a very fine perlage, numerous and persistent. The nose is simply stunning, rightly intense and elegant. Notes of bread crust, white chocolate, nuts and spices dance harmoniously. In the mouth it enters coherently, crisp, fresh, savoury and structured with a finish that veers towards cumin. The young disgorgement is reflected in the bubble and shows great promise to be tasted again in a few years' time. ❤️❤️❤️

Veronelli Guide 2024 best Ferrari tastings

Best Veronelli tastings | white wine: Ornellaia - 'Ornellaia Bianco' Toscana IGP Bianco 2020 | G.B. 98 points

My tasting. It is pale straw yellow and brilliant, consistent. The nose is fabulous, elegant and rightly intense with notes of unobtrusive passion fruit, white peach and cedar. In the mouth, it enters coherently, very fresh, pleasant, structured, with a nice savouriness and plenty of length. A truly exceptional wine for an estate best known for its Ornellaia Rosso. ❤️❤️❤️

Veronelli Guide 2024 best tastings Ornellaia

Best Veronelli tastings | rosé wine: Russo Girolamo - Etna IGP Rosato 2022 | A.P. 92 points

My tasting. This rosé wine is so far from what I consider 'my rosé wine' that I really struggle to form an opinion of it: it is too perfumed, too intense, too overpowering. It is onion skin pink with salmon reflections, bright and consistent. The nose is intense and very complex with notes of strawberry, currant, candy, honey and cherry syrup. In the mouth it is consistent, fresh, soft and very long.

Veronelli Guide 2024 best tastings Girolamo russo

Best Veronelli | red wine tastings: Gaja - 'Sorì Tildin' Barbaresco DOCG 2020 | G.B. 100 points

My tasting. It is transparent ruby red with garnet reflections, consistent. The nose is delicate, in my opinion too much so, and it is ennobled by a great elegance of spicy scents, but barely perceptible. In the mouth, however, it enters marvellously, much more interesting than on the nose. Fine, very elegant, dry, structured, with powerful, well-integrated tannins, savoury and plenty of length. ❤️

Veronelli Guide 2024 best tastings Gaja

Best Veronelli tastings | sweet or meditation wine: San Giusto a Rentennano - 'Vin San Giusto' Toscana IGP Bianco passito 2015 | G.B. 97 points

My tasting. It is pale mahogany in colour, transparent, dense and consistent. The nose is intense and wonderful, broad, with a riot of different scents dominated by notes of walnut, honey and officinal accents. In the mouth it is soft, fresh, savoury, structured and well balanced with a long finish of dried fruit. Outstanding. ❤️❤️+

Veronelli Guide 2024 best tastings Vin san giusto

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Veronelli Guide 2024: 6 suns

The special prize in the Guida Oro i vini di Veronelli (Veronelli's Gold Wines Guide) is awarded by the editors completely independently of the score in hundredths. It is attributed, in fact, to ten wines chosen from thousands of samples tasted over the course of the year, 10 labels whose originality and value we wish to highlight, giving the reader detailed reasons for our preference, case by case.

Unfortunately, the award ceremony went a little long and I had to return to Milan, so I was not able to taste all the wines that received the Sole di Veronelli award. I hope to soon be able to supplement this article with the 4 Sole wines that are missing. Below are my tasting notes in order of tasting.

Sun #1: Grosjean Vins - "Clairet" Red Wine 2019 | M.M. 92 points

The motivation of the editors of the Veronelli Guide 2024:

The Grosjeans helped write the centuries-old tale of the wines from Valle d'Aosta. They came from Burgundy in the 17th century to dedicate themselves to vines and wine. Their contemporary history dates back to the years after the Second World War, when they chose the path of absolute quality and the rediscovery of native varieties. They cultivate their vines on steeply sloping land, at high altitudes, on steps and terraces. Theirs is, in its own right, a 'heroic viticulture'. They face a challenge to the survival of this legendary mountain viticulture, which their daily work preserves for the benefit of future generations. Clairet, a wine of Renaissance origin of which no trace was lost at the end of the 19th century, has been revived after 10 years of hard work involving 2 generations of Grosjean. Production involves the use of picotendro, a sub-variety of nebbiolo, and a small percentage of neyret, an indigenous vine that has almost disappeared.

My opinion. Grosjean's Clairet had already made me fall in love when I went to the cellar on 20 June, a beautiful experience that allowed me to write this article dedicated to viticulture in Valle D'Aosta. I deeply love Valle d'Aosta wines - especially sparkling and red wines - because, when well executed, they are of rare elegance. This Clairet is also uniquely pleasant to drink and lends itself to being paired with great ease at the table to the great satisfaction of both an untrained palate and a sommelier. ❤️❤️

Veronelli Guide 2024 sun Grosjean

Sun #2: I Parcellari - "Parcella 505" Grignolino d'Asti DOC 2021 | G.B. 93 points

The motivation of the editors of the Veronelli Guide 2024:

Davide Canina is an engineer, a teacher, a sommelier, a Piedmontese. He chose the name I Parcellari for his company, an explicit reference to a set of vineyard plots. Thanks to fortunate encounters and collaborations, the idea took shape of enhancing the best vineyards of the members of the Cooperativa Produttori di Govone through a precise selection of wine-growing plots in order to produce wines of excellence in the Langhe, Romero Monferrato area, a Unesco heritage site. Three sites were selected: Portacomaro, Montegrosso d'Asti and Govone. An ambitious project, dedicated to extreme quality and aimed at the community through the involvement of the families of small vine-dressers engaged in the care of their fragmented and precious vineyards. A heroic path with a high Veronellian value for its ability to aim at the highest quality result by working with respect and sincere and concrete valorisation of the historical imprint of the vineyards and the meritorious work of those who daily preserve and put them to good use.

My opinion. I did not know this company before Golosaria 2023when my colleague and friend Paolo Porfidio recommended it to me. I must say that already on that occasion the Grignolino was the wine that impressed me the most: not because Barbera or Nebbiolo are not excellent wines, but because it is difficult to imagine a Grignolino so surprising. I deliberately don't add anything else: it deserves the surprise. ❤️++

Veronelli Guide 2024 the parcellari

Sun #3: Martinetti Franco - "Trecento" Red Wine 2015 | G.B. 99 points

The motivation of the editors of the Veronelli Guide 2024:

It is impossible to schematically define the figure of Franco Martinetti, a cultured and sensitive man. A lover of material culture. A gentleman of wine. A fine négociant. An attentive winemaker. A cultured communicator. Martinetti is all this and more. Since 1974, his knowledge and care have chiselled the entire production chain of each of his wines, from field to bottle. The study is continuous, resulting in wines in which territory, harmony and elegance form an indissoluble triad. The heroic reality of Piedmont would not be the same without him: one of his merits is that of having rescued from oblivion little-known areas and vines. This Sole is an acknowledgement of his singular heroic interpretation. But it is also a sincerely Veronellian 'career award'.

My opinion. I admit that this is the first wine I have drunk from this producer and I fell in love with it. It enters the glass with elegance and already impresses with its incredibly precise aromas. Everything is in its place, both on the nose and in the mouth. A great wine that is worth from the first to the last point. ❤️❤️❤️

Veronelli Guide 2024 three hundred

Sun #4: Gini - "Renobilis" Recioto di Soave Classico DOCG 2016 | G.B. 95 points

The motivation of the editors of the Veronelli Guide 2024:

Preserving centuries-old vineyards and keeping them in production is a task that only highly sensitive vine growers take to heart, thus becoming conservators of the landscape. This is precisely what happens in the Gini family's historic plots of land, now run by Sandro and Claudio, through viticulture that profoundly respects ecosystems in Soave classico, a land of volcanic ancestry and a peculiar oenological vocation. In Contrada Salvarenza, one third of the vines are over a century old and are free-standing, reproduced by layering. They were lucky enough to survive phylloxera thanks to the tufaceous soils. Today, in times of climatic emergencies, those old vines are proving to be resistant to shocks, offering further proof of the importance of their conversation. New vineyards are reproduced and planted by mass selection from the historical plants. This is the secret to preserving the great gift of these soils: ancient plant history, if loved and valued, translates into a heroic tale capable of arousing vibrant emotions.

My opinion. Pleasant, intense and suitable for a variety of pairings starting with oysters. It convinced me by its balance, extraordinary and rare for a wine of its type. ❤️❤️++

Veronelli Guide 2024

Sun #5: Nicolucci - 'Predappio di Predappio, Vigna del Generale' Sangiovese Superiore Riserva 2020 | A.P. 93 Points

The motivation of the editors of the Veronelli Guide 2024:

In May 2023, Romagna was hit by a terrible flood. Floods and landslides, fields under water, flooded houses without light, submerged cars, closed schools and broken lives. It was not pure fatality, in times of climate emergency and neglect of the land these events unfortunately multiply. This is another reason why the work of vine growers who care for the environment and ecosystems is all the more important, valuable, symbolic and concrete. The Nicolucci family, an important and very historic reality of Romagna viticulture, have never changed their philosophy focused on the utmost care of the vineyard, the environment and the wine. Care, on the other hand, is a key word for preserving the future of a viticulture that takes into account that every vineyard is also a place to experiment with respect for the land and for future generations.

My opinion. A wine from my land, which I know very well and of which I have tasted all the vintages produced starting with 2013, one of the most surprising ever. The 2020 is crazy, above expectations, and I would like anyone who thinks that Romagna is not a land suited to producing extraordinary red wines to taste it blind... ❤️❤️❤️

Veronelli Guide 2024 sangiovese riserva

Sun #6: Casa Setaro - 'Contradae 61.37' Vesuvio Bianco PDO 2020 | A.P. 93 points

The motivation of the editors of the Veronelli Guide 2024:

Casa Setaro is located in Trecase, in the province of Naples, within the Vesuvius National Park, which has been a Unesco Biosphere Reserve since 1995. Here vineyard and 'house' are one. Massimo Setaro and his wife Mariarosaria are the tutelary deities. Their oenological dedication has revolutionised the style and perception of local vines and wines. They have dedicated themselves deeply to safeguarding historic local cultivars at risk of extinction, primarily the caprettone. The protection of biodiversity is total in an agricultural regime of absolute respect for the plant world. The ampelographic heritage, in their 12 hectares of historic vines, and their management is a human endeavour that marries and caresses the unique complexity of the Vesuvian micro-environment. The Setaro are, therefore, true guardians of memory and future, in their sincere love for that portion of the biosphere that has fallen to them for safekeeping.

My opinion. A white wine of great pleasantness, capable of magnificently accompanying even now a shellfish dish thanks to its great savouriness, but also capable of evolving in the bottle a few years to give even more emotions. ❤️+

Veronelli Guide 2024 Setaro House

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Veronelli Guide 2024: its value is responsibility, despite the poetry

The Veronelli Guide, with respect for the work of the man who still inspires more than its name, is in constant search of poetry. Metaphors, rhetorical figures, rococo arzigogues season something that has very little poetry in it: the number that rates each label. Fortunately, in the actual book this poetry is confined to the Sole wines and the introductory pages of each region. In fact, the Veronelli Guide 2024 is a very concrete, practical and easy-to-consult guide: a pleasure to leaf through. Clearly organised, it is so readable that even the legend becomes superfluous. The editor's signature next to each score is the real added value in this world of labels and interests that wine has become. The format is compact and, despite 1152 pages and the hard cover - essential to protect the truly impalpable paper on which it is printed - overall light and transportable, characteristics that, for me, are always an added value. What is the point of creating a monumental guidebook that is heavy and uncomfortable and just gathering dust in a bookcase? A guidebook is like an old road map: it must be experienced. The same life as Luigi Veronelli's, witnessing the change in Italian food culturewas a journey of rebellion and respect through the deposits of taste jealously guarded and recounted by him.

Veronelli Guide 2024