In the collective imagination Paris is the city of love, a beautiful and very expensive city. After dozens of times in this beautiful city, I have to say that I don't find it any more expensive than Milan, provided you avoid the tourist traps (as in all cities with strong appeal in the world). Galettes, sweet and savoury crepes, stuffed baguettes... these are just some of the options for eating in Paris at an affordable price. For those who can spend a little more, there are historic cafés, famous pastry chefs, oysters and delicious little restaurants. In this article, constantly updated, all the addresses where to eat in Paris if you love good food and are not satisfied with the first place you find on the street.

Pastry shops

The jewel in the crown of French cuisine is undoubtedly pastry, which provides unforgettable sensory experiences for sommeliers and winelovers who are also passionate about desserts.


A landmark in Paris with 3 small patisseries in 3 different areas: Operà (38 Rue Godot de Mauroy, 75009 Paris)Notre Dame (77 Rue Galande, 75005 Paris) and Louvre (18 Rue Montorgueil, 75001 Paris). My absolute favourite is the tiny little shop near Notre Dame with just 3 tables outside where you can sip tea with fabulous cream puffs while admiring the beauty of the Gothic cathedral.

Where to eat in paris odette Notre dame

Over the years I have tried all the flavours of Odette's puffs and my favourites are salted caramel, pistachio and hazelnut praline. There are often seasonal flavours for festivities (Valentine's Day) or with seasonal fruit (in February 2024 the flavour of the month is pear). The special feature of Odette's cream puffs is the very thin, well-caramelised pastry with a generous filling. It is recommended to eat the puffs upside down because underneath is the hole from where they insert the cream and all the filling would come out if eaten in the correct position. I hope that sooner or later they will understand to fill them from the top because they always put the disc of icing on top with which they could hide the filling hole avoiding explosions to the patrons who do not know the amount of filling...

Price: 1 cream puff for 2.30 € [as pictured, Odette Operà].

Where to eat in Paris odette Operà

Fans of the apple pie They should try Odette Paris's at least once: the crumbly pastry is wafer-thin and on top is a riot of caramelised apples with just the right amount of creamy texture and balanced flavour. Since this dessert at Odette Operà finishes very early, it is advisable to be early and arrive by mid-morning. Price: one portion for 3.20 € [as pictured].

Where to eat in paris odette

For those who want to buy a stuffed baguette to take away plentiful and delicious, Odette has a proposal that is not extensive, but affordable and delicious. Especially good is the chicken and curry sauce. Price: 1 portion (large) at € 6.50.

For more information, please visit the Odette Paris' website.

Cedric Grolet

I have been twice to Cedric Grolet Opera and if the first one in 2023 excited me (review HERE), the second in 2024 disappointed me. If you want to get to know the most famous pastry chef on Instagram you can see him making his videos on Mondays and Tuesdays when the place is closed (maybe you'll even get to taste something at the end), or I suggest you take advantage of the option of ordering takeaway the only things that are worth the price and the wait: its flowers.

Where to eat in Paris Cedric grolet

The large pastries are wonderful, but unfortunately the only option you can book online is breakfast and brunch with a set menu. This contains good things, but not exciting for the cost. Booking online is the only option to avoid the (sometimes hour-long) queue in front of the bakery and eat in the comfort of the upstairs dining room. An alternative to enjoy Cedric Grolet's wonderful flowers is to buy online and collect at a pre-arranged time from takeaway with the Click & Collect. Definitely next year when I return to Paris for the Paris Wine Expo 2025 I will choose this option and order all the flowers available!

Price: breakfast menu per person for 50 € (as pictured).

Where to eat in Paris Cedric grolet operà

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé is another famous name in French confectionery. As Alsatian-born as his famous macarons, it is no wonder that he conquers with these beautiful sweets. His are the best I have ever tried. This takeaway-only shop near the Operà (39 Av. de l'Opéra, 75002 Paris) is just a stone's throw from Cedric Grolet and it may be interesting to visit both on the same day. Curiously, Pierre Hermé has concentrated its business in the East: it currently has 14 outlets open in Japan and 15 in France.

Pierre herme Paris macarons

The macarons are sold in an elegant hard box included in the price. The meringue discs are crisp and crumbly, not at all chewy. The filling is generous, with bold and intense flavours. They are so good that you will never run out of them....

Price: 8 macarons for €28 (as pictured).

Where to eat in paris Pierre herme


La cidrerie du Marais

Perhaps one of my favourite little places in Paris, la cidrerie du Marais is in the historic centre near the metro stop St. Paul (4 Rue de Sévigné, 75004 Paris). A cosy, rustic-style restaurant that brings back the atmosphere of Northern France, the same as the birthplace of the galette bretonne. The choice between sweet and savoury is plentiful, the proposals are interesting and sophisticated without being pretentious. The quality of the ingredients is excellent and the service is simple but courteous and attentive.

La cidrerie du marais Paris crepes galettes

The galette is simply unforgettable. The landaise contains foie gras, smoked goose breast, fig jam, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts expertly dosed and prepared. Good wines by the glass.

Price: 1 galette La landaise for €15.50 and a glass of wine for €5.50 (as pictured).

Where to eat in Paris galette le cidrerie du Marais

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Eric Kayser Boulangerie

Those arriving at Paris Bouveais airport find themselves, after about an hour's bus ride, at Porte Maillot. A few steps away you can visit the Eric Kayser - Grande Armée (61 bis Av. de la Grande Armée, 75016 Paris), on the way to the Arc de Triomphe from where you can eventually take the metro.

Eric Kayser is one of France's most famous pastry chefs. With 22 boulangeries open in Paris alone, he has conquered all of France and then the world with his books and his leavened pastries. And how can you blame him? The baguette is amazing.

Where to eat in paris baguette

The macarons are good in texture and meltiness, but I recommend them especially for lovers of delicate flavours.

Price: 7 macarons for €14.50 (as pictured in the shop near the Arc de Triomphe).

Where to eat in Paris macarons


In the neighbourhood Le Maraisin the city centre and a stone's throw from the St. Paul metro station, the boulangerie Murciano (16 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris) is a small royal blue shop with a window display that enchants with the wonders on display. A traditional proposal, but well executed. The croissants are delicious and the savoury part is also excellent.

Murciano patisserie boulangerie Paris

The pastry worth the trip for, however, is this: a fried almond paste cigar soaked in honey reminiscent of Middle Eastern pastries. In fact, in addition to the French classics, Jewish and Israeli recipes can also be enjoyed here. I tried so many things, one better than the other. The patisserie is take-away only and the prices are lower than the average in Paris.

Price: 1 almond cigar 2 € (as pictured).

Where to eat in Paris Murciano


Café de La Paix

This historic Parisian café, founded in 1862 and still unequalled in beauty, is a time for lovers of Franco Battiato, Tchaikovsky, Jules Massenet and Oscar Wilde like myself, but also for connoisseurs of Émile Zola, Guy de Maupassant, Ernest Hemingway and Joséphine Baker, to name but a few. The opulence of its Second Empire style and its privileged location a stone's throw from the Garnier Opera (5 Place de l'Opéra, 75009Paris) have enabled it to have a select clientele over the centuries and go down in history as a national monument.

Writing or reading a book while sipping a sophisticated tea accompanied by a delicious mille-feuille in this corner of Parisian history is a must.

Price: 1 portion of millefeuille for 16 €. 

Where to eat in Paris Café de la paix
A curiosity about me

My web agency, the one I founded with my best friend Fabrizio on 16 June 2014 when I was still a web designer, I named it De La Paix after the album Cafè de La Paix by Franco Battiato. That same day I gave it to Fabrizio as an LP as it was his birthday!

Café de Flore

Undoubtedly one of the most historic Parisian cafés in the beautiful Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, Café de Flore has hosted intellectuals of the calibre of Jean-Paul Sartre, Emil Cioran and Simone de Beauvoir. Today, little remains of the former splendour due to the poor décor, basic service and dated atmosphere.

Cafe de flora Paris where to eat in Paris

However, for lovers of history and literature, it remains an unmissable stop that can find gratification in the rich tea menu of excellent quality. 

Price: 1 tea for 8 € (as pictured).

Cafe de flora paris

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Huitrerie Regis

A very small restaurant, with no kitchen, but only a counter where an attendant continuously opens oysters of extraordinary quality. The oysters are so good and fresh that even those who are afraid of eating them because of previous bad experiences (like my friend Monica Rossetti in the cover photo) are cured. Every time I come to Paris, this is an unmissable stop for me, for which one can also forgive the few wine proposals by the glass (with smells reminiscent of natural or triple A wines). 

Where to eat oysters in Paris

When available, one can taste unforgettable giant sea urchins (price: 1 hedgehog for 8 € as per photo).

Price: 12 oysters from 30 € to 60 € depending on the type.

Where to eat sea urchins in Paris

Ristorantino Shardana

For those who do not want to give up Italian cuisine even in France, here is a proposal from the Buon Ricordo Restaurants Guide: the Ristorantino Shardana (134 Rue du Theatre 75015 Paris), a 15-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. Among the Buon Ricordo dishes My favourite was his: culurgiones stuffed with potatoes and mint with veal demi-glacé and truffle.

Where to eat in paris shardana restaurant

This Sardinian restaurant is small and cosy, but above all the food is really delicious. The best dish for me remains the camberjack arpaccio with myrtle red onion jam, vinegar pesto, burrata and mandarin emulsion with confit cherry tomatoes (price: 22 € as per photo). An extraordinary balance of flavours and the fish, very fresh, is not covered at all thanks to the thick cut.

Restaurant shardana paris

Price: menu of 5 tapas + 2 courses for 65 €.

We recommend visiting the Ristorantino Shardana website for more information.